And just who the Fk are YOU?...

Well if involves more power to the Queen I'd be happy...else stand by for them to try and get past my sword at Buck Palace.

"Regiment 200 metres bunch of leftie hippies led by pinko Tony, targets will fall when hit, in your own time carry on"
The report was put together by Mr Bean

Says it all really - Make safe.

Just another attempt by the Bluppets sycophants to increase his sphere.
first thought is sod the lot of them done f all for me .but,
if the alternative is president kinnock or some other failed politician might as well keep the inbreeds in power .I vote for right of ascension by
assasination :D it would make a great spectator sport and increase the number of royal funerals and coronations which people like and if tony and some of his muppets get caught in cross fire so much the better.
Typical pack of pinko prats.

Make a big fuss about the Royal family or Fox hunting and it distracts the Press and the Stepford Wives (sorry MP's) from silly unimportant things like the rise in crime figures, the complete bollocks of a health service and the horlicks that is jokingly referred to as Education.
...or the gay Labour MP who fabricated a letter to keep his illegal immigrant rent-boy in the country, gave him £4k to sign onto a language course then tried to get him a pass and a job as his researcher....

....or the lies told to parliament about a 45 min state of Iraqi readiness and the smearing of a journalist to clear Comedy Campbell of any wrongdoing.......

....or the sycophantic speech to Congress and the prancing around the world stage doing nothing of importance whenever the domestic scene looks too rough to handle........
Hey letterwritingman, that's a wee bit personal!

On the post topic though, I am reassured that many of my fellow greenskins also like the idea of falling in line behind the monarch and slotting the current set of b@st@rds in Gov.

Now where's my sword....

How come so much of the policy and PR in this Govt is formulated by so called 'special advisors' - they are not elected into the job, nor are they impartial as they all seem to be dolly bird lovers/rent boys/dodgy buisness mates of MPs. And if they are doing the jobs, how come the Civil Service hasn't got noticably smaller?

Bunch of Urban, sexually deviant, drug taking, power crazed elitist idiots, still....I have no particular strong feelings. :D

Mr Happy

Muppett said:
How come so much of the policy and PR in this Govt is formulated by so called 'special advisors'
Because Mrs Thatcher didn't listen to any advisors 10-20 years ago and destroyed the party. Surrounded by YES men she brought in the poll tax and... well you/we know the rest.
Oh for sure. But I would feel a lot happier if blairs Special Advisors consisted of more professionals and less 'friends/donors'.

Its about striking a balance surely? :?

Mr Happy

Agreed Muppett old chap BUT surely that's for him to watch out for and for us the electorate to judge.

I for example would choose somebody I knew (ergo likely friend) to be my advisor on, say, immigration solutions not someone the civil service/political party appointed if I could.

I would add to that there is a media habit of saying "BLiars friend" when they may be more of an associate type thing.

We all know people we call friends but a true friend is the guy that calls you! I just made that up :D

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