And its goodbye from me and.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MrsDarthspud, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. I've eaten nowt for three days hence
    I often sit upon the fence
    I've fallen for a ginger guy
    He's spent the last 12 hours between my thighs
    My dog looked on, paws over his head
    As I bounced rapidly on my bed
    The phone rang loud, on it I depend but,
    I heard someone swearing on the other end
    You effing slut, you utter thin trollop
    Did'nt I meet you in Middle Wallop?
    I answered, no, you have the wrong trail
    Just rest in pieces, I'm Dale the Snail.
  2. You fucking dancer, my lurvver xxxxxx
  3. Here lies Dale with leather flaps
    Scarecrow hair, pathetic baps,
    pink wine in hand
    and fag on lips
    what a shame she has no hips.
    Rogered senseless by a ginge,
    stubble rash and baggy minge
    on her back
    so no change there...
    someone sort her fecking hair!
  4. That is pure class!!!! (you bitch) :wink:
  5. I am not fat
    Just a bit thin
    If you don't shut it,
    Bad Crow will kick you in
    If he's not hard enough
    Nehustan and the other Kingos will come round

    I was always wank at rhyming.
  6. christ on a bike...i hope you're a better shag than you are a poet!!!
  7. Does it look like I have slept?

    Gingers, Gingers, we love you
    Even though you whiff of pooh.

    Is that better?
  8. don't give up the day job! If you can call sitting on your arse, drinking brews and having a fag break every 4 minutes a job!!
  9. Just quote the shag bit, you won't be far wrong my luverrrrrrr :D
  10. Tsk tsk

    Fatlass, Fatlass, ate a pony
    It might have been called Tony
    She scoffed the lot and then she laughed
    and I am still shite at spelling.