And it burns, burns burns...

Talk about irony! :D

Fire destroys Johnny Cash house

Johnny Cash lived in the house from 1968 until his death in 2003
The lakeside Tennessee home of late country music superstar Johnny Cash has been destroyed in a fire.
It burned down on Tuesday while renovations were being carried out for its new owner, Bee Gee Barry Gibb.

The interior of the house, in Hendersonville, Tennessee, was used in the video for Cash's final hit, his 2002 cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt.

Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash, lived in the house from 1968 until their deaths, months apart, in 2003.

'Sanctuary and fortress'

The cause of the fire has not yet been identified. According to the Associated Press news agency, one firefighter was hurt tackling the blaze.

The agency said the fire spread quickly because construction workers had recently applied a flammable wood preservative to the exterior of the house during renovations.

After a few hours, little remained of the house except its stone chimneys.

"So many prominent things and prominent people in American history took place in that house - everyone from Billy Graham to Bob Dylan went into that house," country singer Marty Stuart, a neighbour, was quoted as saying by AP.

"It was a sanctuary and a fortress for him," Stuart said. "There was a lot of writing that took place there. The Folsom Prison prison record came from there, the San Quentin record, The Holy Land, the Man in Black book came from there."

Another neighbour, Richard Sterban of country and gospel band, the Oak Ridge Boys, is quoted by the AP news agency as saying the fire may be "the good Lord's way to make sure that it was only Johnny's house".
The dangers of employing cheap labour.

And a boy named Sue.


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Now I'll never get the change due to me from the condom machine.
Still they can rebuild.

One piece at a time.


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I said they shouldn't try lighting a fart after a vindaloo.
AlienFTM said:
I said they shouldn't try lighting a fart after a vindaloo.
badaboom-tish. Should I try the veal?

Bet that Hurt the insurance premium. Goodnight, Irene.


Saw it on the news and just had to Cry! Cry! Cry!

Builders should be sent to San Quentin.

Taxi, please.......


At least everyone escaped OK. They're all Stayin' Alive.......
Someone's going to Folsom Prison for this

Isn't there any space on the coat rack? oh.......
Barry Gibb said it was a tragedy.
And I suppose Barry will move to Massachusetts now.
Now we know why he was The Man in Black.
Sounds as though they were trying to cash in on the insurance.
The fire was started by the sun reflecting off Barry Gibb's teeth.
mistersoft said:
The fire was started by the sun reflecting off Barry Gibb's teeth.
More of a ring of fire than a ring of confidence then.

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