And introducing .................... MDN

Ok MDN, it's all yours. Let us know what you need , planning etc...

Ta muchly......

Quick ones off the top off my head.

1. Am in the process of registering a charity
2. Battling with Paypal
3. Sorting a bank account
4. Appointing an accountant
5. exploring the regualr DD / SO route for future
6. Meeting self coming backwards :D

Can we add BFG9000, he's sorting a website etc...
Also Dozy, only heard good stuff about Grays Lane..

Can anyone / someone contact retailers or suppliers to begotiat discount of PSPs and Nintendo DSs?

Will add as am brainstorming
Can we contact some of the more high profile Arrse members, such as RTFQ, Convoy and others, to see if they can put something up for auction>

Doesn't matter what it is, the dafter the better?
Yes we can, but it will be the old fashioned way of pm'ming.

You could put a general call for items out there as well, specifying worthwhile items etc?

Added BFG , re-added Dozy.
Bloody Hell, not again! :D

FYI I'm still in touch with Pete and Sue Norton (although Pete's now at Shrivenham, doing his exams as I type, and has picked up his Majority) and via Pete, the current recreational therapist at HC. As I've already told Chris, before this came up, the ARRSEr Kermitpower and his Pistonheads crew had pulled together £1,500 to buy gifts for HC, so the lads there will be getting some Wiis and laptops for Christmas.

Moving on, what is the scope of what we're setting up? A running fund to provide for the lads' needs when they're in Selly Oak and Headley Court as well as a sinking fund for emergencies such as the one which kick-started this? If so, in the case of reacting to emergencies, as we're obviously not going to be operating in a vacuum, do we need to establish a 'tick list' to ensure that all bases are covered? I'm talking about an immediate reaction from us to solve the pressing issue, but also ensuring that the long-term providers such as the RBL, SSAFA and the various benevolent funds are involved as soon as possible. I know that we're all frustrated with the red tape that delays help getting to the people who need it, so I'm not advocating that we create our own, it's just that if we're going to be a proper charity, we need some governance because acting in an ad hoc manner in every case will not be practical.

Also, now we're going down the official charity route, I think that we need to make a clear distinction in people's minds that we're not in competition with Help For Heroes. I've just had a re-read of their website and can't see where they've laid out their mission statement, but it's worth being aware that like with the Grays Lane YRF intervention, it is possible that once this takes off we could get some detractors. With that in mind, before we launch anything officially, what do people think about getting in touch with H4H to let them know we're not a competitor?

I'm in a new job now - 5 weeks in - and I'm not project managing any more (back at the sharp end of treasury funding) but I will spend as much time on this as possible. I'm contactable 24/7 on 07932 070 107, via PMs on ARRSE and via MSN / email but I can’t use MSN or personal email at work, I’ll normally be on those means after 2000hrs during the week.

Apologies for the huuuuuuuumungous post, but I wanted to get those thoughts all down before I forgot them! :D

PS TOP secret (please, as it's a surprise for the lads) but Jeremy Clarkson and James May are attending the Headley Court Christmas Party on Monday (the Hamster is sadly otherwise engaged) so I'm going to try to grab Clarkson for a quick chat. I was thinking of asking him for stuff to auction, but if anyone else has any ideas what I could ask him / tell him, please let me know.
minister_doh_nut said:
Can anyone / someone contact retailers or suppliers to begotiat discount of PSPs and Nintendo DSs?
SONY helped US Marines and their families stay in touch last Christmas - it might be worth contacting them directly to see what help they might be able to give.

I've just looked up the corporate governance information for the DSG Group (Currys, Dixons, PC World) and given their criteria for giving support, our appeal will not fit within their very limited rules:

However, it is unlikely that we will support projects in the following areas:

Politics - direct or implied support for a campaigning or party political cause.
Religion - direct or implied support for a religious organisation.
Public Bodies - projects funded from local or central government (including NHS, social services, education authority or similar) monies or designed to supplement or replace such funding.
Specialist schools bids or students taking part in events/gap year activities.
Overseas charities working in countries where we do not have an operating business.
Sponsorship - funds to support art, leisure or sporting-related activities for individuals, students, other companies or overseas events.
Animals - any animal charity or related cause or campaign.
Fundraising events (unless they are in turn raising funds to provide technology or training to your organisation).
Side note, can we add Gremlin, he is meeting someone from Combat stress tonight and wants to mention this?

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