And in the left rear pouch...

Kind of blagged this form the avn thread, but what is hot and what is not, to take on our impending trip into the desert?

Once again, don't read anything into the mobilisation of a hospital ship.....

So, gnarly desert veterans out there, shed some light.
A mossie net - helps to keep camel spiders off you whilst asleep.  :-/

Small portable radio - listen in to BBC world service.  :)

Camelback - keep drinking water!  8)

A shovel - so you can bury the subbie up to his neck legion style when he comes up with a 'bright idea' or goes anywhere near a map!  ;)
A packable fleece.

I was one of the only guys to take one to the last field firing exercise in Iraq.

I could have hired it out if I wasn't wearing it most of the time myself!
Definitely a fleece, gets mighty cold at night 8)

A decent flask for those cold nights stagging on ;)

Oh and a decent pair of Shades 8) ;D
A large luminous survival suit and a tin of luminous paint for your vehicle -  give the yanks some idea that your on their side  ;D
Oh and a mobile phone, I've heard the comms ain't that great in Iraq......... ;D

A big note book/Dictaphone so you can remember your memoirs for the next best selling Novel err I mean FACTUAL account on war!!!!!!
;) 8) ;D
1.  Buffalo jacket for the evenings.
2.  Own socks (green/black hairy ones get a bit wiffy very quickly)
3.  camelback
4.  Radio for world service (if bringing cd/minidiscs selection is always good.  Listened to the same 7 cd's for the first 7 weeks of GW1 while stuck in the arrsehole of nowhere!)
Just remembered,

Always carry a compass in your smock (you should do anyway) because most of the time when you're in the desert, your vehicles will be in all round defence with quite large distances between each.

In the daylight, take a bearing from the back of your vehicle to all the relevant things like the bog, Comd veh, next sect that's on stag etc.

This may seem a little excessive but we had a guy wander off into the desert for a few hours looking for the next guys on stag.  It gets really dark some nights and our light discipline was always sh1t hot.

Of course disregard all of the above if you're working with US troops, their radio transmissions are powerful enough to make all the vehicle lights glow for about a grid square and the neon burger truck signs give a nice "purple tinge" to the sand
Always carry a compass in your smock
...and always tie everything to yourself, so Paracord is on the list as well. Do the Army still teach the use of Sun compasses?

Batteries -lot's of
Unmarked map of the local area
Arabic Phrasebook
Space Blanket
Collapseable water carrier, bloody good bit o'kit


Decent socks as it pi$$ed down for the first month in GW1

The radio is a definate bit of kit! Batteries should be procured throught the RQMS.

A rude pen pal! Brightened up the dull Blueys from home!

Oh and a silk escape map of Iraq, you never know.

The Pen pal bit is a bit of a dodgy one unless of course you're a singly.

In Bosnia, we had blokes getting engaged to women they met through being penpals.

In GW Pt 1 our Tp Comd's mother, a school teacher, thought it would be a good idea to start up a penpal system between 14 yr old school kids and Bill Oddies that had been in the desert for 3 months. You can guess the outcome, loads of traumatised school girls that learnt more about Biology from a single bluey than any O Level text book!

I thought Officers were 'sposed to be intellyjunt?

The higher Echelons had a special mail sorting system that went on in the Gulf.  If you bend a letter slightly you can tell if it's got a photo in it, so all the mail "to a Soldier" that may have some action shots of a doris in, stayed at Hq Tp and all the "God bless you from a christian family" letters went to the Fd Tps.

I also couldn't understand what happened to all these boogy boxes that the Sun sent to everyone in the Gulf, I think our SQMS must still be selling them at Blackbush market!
Having done a bit of a trawl, a couple of some of the ideas submitted are as follows:

Avoidance of trots
Milton sterilising solution (puritabs will work too).  Bung your diggers in a trip-flare container with some water and Milton thereby sterilising your cutlery (when away from disposables), thereby avoid having to clean it on the field dish-washer (elbow of smock).  Similar for cups each day.

Clothes washing
Shermuly container strapped to turret bin.  Stick clothes in with a couple of rocks as agitators alongside some washing pwder / liquid.  Leave strapped on Wr for day's activities.  Should be clean and ready for rinsing.

Cargo nets for Wr.  Apparently the new army issue ones are pants and require a degree in origami / makrami to work.  Get Crab nets apparently.
Forgot (although have now mentioned it to wind 7 RHA up), shit-can your desert boots if there is any NBC threat which is not NP.  Anything else will go straight through your desert daps.  Although CAB will no doubt be a tad warmer, better that than wearing your overboots.
Streamers (2 cell mag-lites that bolt under your rifle in case of non-attendance in the emerald isle).  We are currently investigating their availability outside the Province.  Pretty good for use when out FISHing or trench clearing.

Anybody know if you can get IR filters for them or if we'd just have to bodge some ourselves.  It would appear that those sausage side have even less night capability than we do, so the use of active IR may not be such a drama in a situation such as those above.

What does anyone think?

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