And in other UK economic news....

Discussion in 'Economics' started by whitecity, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Slipped under the radar with all this news about banking and finance:-

    Inflation as of 14/10/08:

    Employment and unemployment statistics 15/10/08:

    Growth 30/09/08:

    Government Finances 18/9/08:

    Government Debt and Deficit 30/9/08:

    And a non-economic indicator often of interest...
    Asylum Seekers 21/08/08:
  2. You wouldn't happen to have the stats for working visas granted would you? I've heard the government is handing them out like sweeties in order to keep the number of asylum claims down.
  3. EU or non-EU?

    Edited to add:
    Latest useful figures for either are for 2006.
  4. No no no no!
    Any suggestion of financial incompetence on the part of Mr Brown or his minions is just petty party politics at a time of crisis. It is cheap and underhand etc etc

    On the other hand, its all true (apart from the farcical claim of inflation being a mere 5%) and it is actually all the fault of Mr Brown.
    I suspect the taxpayer is going to be paying through the nose for Mr Brown's follies for a lot of years to come.
  5. No stats but you are not wrong...

    The visas are a wonderful little device that are right up ZANU NL's alley.

    With all the bad news for the gobmint the economic 'crisis' could not have come at a better time.

    I would credit jonah with remarkable forsight if it wasnt for the fact that he is a deranged megalomaniac.

    While Rome burn's his spin master's have a field day,how twisted is that?
  6. I heard it was to keep inflation down.
  7. A good idea in theory but, in practice, it's not working as inflation is at a 16 year high.

    There's no real shortage of unskilled labour in the UK and skilled migrant workers will go to countries where a) they can earn more and b) they won't have their homes burned down and their kids spat on by the BNP.

    I was thinking specifically about the visa shenanigans that were exposed when Beverly Hughes had to resign. The Home Office overruled 90% of visa refusals made by British embassies in some 3rd world countries.

    They knew that the visa refuseniks would just come to the UK anyway and claim asylum to gain entry. This was causing the government to miss its targets for reducing asylum claims by 50%. Hence 'visiting businessman' visas were being issued to illiterate Bulgarian labourers in order to spin the figures.

    This all happened a few years ago and I wondered whether it was still going on.
  8. Just for you Ancient_Mariner...