And in Abu Ghraib this week, the saga continues...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gizzit, May 21, 2004.

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  1. The Washington Post has managed to get hold of more pictures of EPWs being abused by the hillbillies at Abu Ghraib.

    What in the name of Christ did they think these strokers think they were doing? Deeply, deeply disturbed at the thought of ever having to work with an army capable of producing men and women happy to conduct this level of systematic abuse.
  2. oh believe me mate , theres plenty of em out there , if you aint an all white , sh*t kicking goddam all american (redneck)
    then you're below contempt mate , and that includes us .
  3. Their problem is arrogance. In the belief that their values are total and better than ours. In fact they are worse than the Communists they dispised. :evil:
  4. Funny thing is, I've trained Spam interrogators and they were shi-ite.
  5. What gets me is that now the Spams are falling over themselves releasing 100's of Iraqis. This brings up a few questions as to:

    1) If they can be released en mass are they deemed to be no threat, if so what the F**k were they doing locked up in the first place? Is this a version of the Spam act first think (if at all) much, much later?

    2) If they are a threat then what the F**k are they being released for? Is that another version of act first (this case to appease critics) think about it much much later?

    Methinks this is far fro being over yet :(
  6. You may recently have been promoted.... but you are still thinking way above your pay scale.... stop it! :D
  7. PP

    Hmmm that's why I've been getting headaches recently :lol:
  8. I think it's called the First Amendment or something!! :roll:
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Have just seen the inbreds mocking the Iraqi in the body bag. Courtmartial seems to good for them. When will we see a 4 star General go down the tubes?

    Just about as low as they can go I think. No wonder the Iraqis are confused how a regime can change from one that tortured and killed to another which tortures and kills.

    Thank you America- makes us proud! :roll:
  10. it appears in iraq it's only the size of the moustache that changes mate !!
  11. From the top:- I confess I am not in the military (hence uninformed), nor, you will be glad to hear, am I journalist. But I was wondering, whilst the photos and goings on against the iraqi prisoners is wrong, and blowing up wedding parties is wrong. What happens in a British military interrogation?

    I've heard lots of conversation by people who don't actually know, so without asking for anything classified I thought I would ask you guys. I assume it is not the methods used by our US allies. But then to think is it polite questions over tea and biscuits seems hopelessly naive. What happens?

    Also in the interests of 360 information what happens to captured squaddies?

    I quite understand if no one wants to answer this, but I would rather have some information not filtered through some "boost circulation and bugger the consequences" journalist.

  12. IM not sure what we do, but if you're after information what happens on British personnel when they are captured, can i refer you to a book called Tornado Down, about two of our aircrew captured during Gulf 1.
  13. aardv,

    To gain such privileged information, first you have to pass this simple test and prove you are not a journo:

    Were you to come across a Granny who had just been mugged in your home town, would you:

    a. Rush to her assistance, administer first aid and call the authorities.

    b. Reach for your camera and snap some cheap shots for your red-top before moving off quickly.

    c. Immediately unfurl and drape her in the Ba'athist flag you've been keeping in your top left for just such a moment, spray her with fake tan before nipping off to the nearest phone box to don your 'Army gear', returning to get a piccie of yourself (in 'SAS-style' mask, of course) with boot (laced a la TA/civvy) on the back of her neck.
  14. Damn you for asking the tricky questions! But wait..... you have inadvertently revealed our interrogation techniques! Now where is my pen.....

    Seriously, not a journo. I teach IT...some would argue this makes me an even lower life form :)
  15. [​IMG]