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And if the crack users weren't bad enough have a look at this batch

If they were wildebeest or zebras they would have been lion food a long time ago...

It is a sad trend in modern human society that we seem to encourage the waek and stupid to breed and produce morons like these...

Used to have a patient with a spiders web amongst other things tattooed across his face....and he wondered how he was picked out in an ID parade.
It's ok. The Tattoos are pixilated out, and then equal pixels attached to every other participant on a video ID parade out of fairness.
There's a shitbag I see occasionally in my local shopping centre. Five foot two at the most, track pants and a singlet, with tattoos of spider webs etc all over his face. He walks around with a permanent "Why won't some cunt give me a job?" look.
I don't know if it was the "genius" shown in the link, but there's a story going around that some pondlife had the same tattoo only misspelt "Jenius." Might have been this loser with the J modified. Wile E Coyote he is not.
Hopefully yer man got his "6 figure" pay out for advertising the radio station...

Then again, bollocks to him. I hope he didn't. Looking at him, it would all go on balloons and ice cream.
Don't our 'colonial cousins' have a phrase to describe these people? Something like "stupid is as stupid does".

And dees dudes done doing' real stoopid!

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