And how is your MSQ to-day?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by western, May 6, 2007.

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  1. From the Sunday Times, it looks like Freddie is sticking to is pledge to improve soldiers quarters:

    General in ‘slum’ homes row had house makeover
    Dipesh Gadher

    The Ministry of Defence faced a new row this weekend over slum housing for service families after it emerged that it paid for a makeover at the official residence of the general in charge of army accommodation.

    Taxpayers’ money was also used to buy a £2,000 tractor mower to keep the grounds of the property in pristine condition.

    The MoD has paid for Lieutenant-General Sir Freddie Viggers, the adjutant-general responsible for army welfare and personnel, to have a gardener and a full-time domestic assistant. It has also spent almost £2,700 on tableware for official entertaining.

    While many soldiers and their families live in squalid accommodation and are forced to wait for months for repairs, the MoD has lavished more than £13,000 of public money on the upkeep of Viggers’s home in Wiltshire, including almost £1,900 for an ornamental fence.

    The revelation is embarrassing for Viggers after he publicly championed the service families’ cause and railed against the army’s “poor” housing stock earlier this year.

    A record 197,441 complaints were made about the condition of military homes last year. Soldiers and their families have been left without hot water for weeks because of faulty boilers and have endured leaking roofs, cracked walls, damp and rat infestations.

    Some have been housed in decaying prefabricated buildings that were only intended as a short-term fix to accommodation shortages after the second world war.

    Last night Kevan Jones, a Labour member of the Commons defence select committee, accused Viggers and other military top brass of “living high on the hog”.

    “There are four generals alone whose housing costs came to more than £500,000 last year,” said Jones, who uncovered the figures through a series of parliamentary written questions.

    Patrick Mercer, the Tory MP and former army officer, said: “It’s particularly ironic that when the junior ranks’ families are living in such difficult conditions that so much taxpayers’ money has been spent on putting the adjutant-general’s own house in order.”

    In March the National Audit Office, the spending watchdog, claimed that 19,000 family homes for troops — 40% of the total — were substandard. Yet only 900 are to be upgraded each year.

    At the height of the row, Viggers said: “There is still too much accommodation which is of a poor standard. It’s one of the key issues for me in what we call the military covenant — giving our soldiers and their families what they deserve. ”

    The MoD paid a maintenance bill of £13,284 for Viggers’s grace-and-favour residence in 2005-06, the latest year for which figures are available. The MoD denied that the general had received preferential treatment. It added: “Official service residences allow the entertaining of senior figures and people of influence in society, in a secure environment, in order to enhance defence objectives.”
  2. The Mail on Sunday reports that the A-G has spent £15000 on a make over for his housing including £2600 on a new dinner service. How can he warrant this kind of expenditure when so many serving personnel and their families are living in sub standard accommodation.
    List of items:-
    tractor lawnmower - £2090
    dinner service - £2600
    power shower - £334
    family size microwave - £800
    new garden fence - £3000
  3. I got sh*t stained broken toilet seats no running water for the bath or shower curtain. Also a fully old greased up and dirty cooker on my march in of my latest MQ. Well done modern housing solutions :evil: :evil:
  4. Ahhh it was in The Mail so it must be true.
    If he paid for these luxuries out of his own wages then it's noone's business but his.
    If he knowingly paid for these luxuries out of taxpayers money then he is just another lowlife shite with no moral compass.
    If it's just another innacurate story (and this would be my guess and my hope) then The Mail are deserving of a mass boycotting
  5. ....and I don't think for one minute that this information has been spread by someone loyal to Neu Arbeit to pay him back for complaining about the poor state of accomodation.
  6. This was the same in 2000 when the then GOC of UKSC(G) had a complete quarter re-vamp, new kitchen with mod cons etc whilst the majority of ORs accom was squalor and had been for several years. The top brass are just the same as our politicians - all with their noses in the RHIP trough!!
  7. The way the government treats our Service men and women is appalling. It has money to throw away on chav's who've not done a days work in their life, but not to house those who've put there life on the line for a pittance.

  8. I can't help thinking thisis a party-political smokescreen to cover up the failure of the current government to do anything about service housing. Mr Jones probably has far more control over the conditions of service housing than Lt Gen Viggers does, yet decides to play the old class-warfare trick of pointing out someone living in nice conditions and blaming them for everything.
  9. I agree. Gen Viggers would have been in the queue for this work along with everybody else. Gen Viggers is entitled to a larger house (and at least it is only ONE house, unlike Mr Prescott etc) than most in the Services, and a larger house will always cost more money to maintain.

    Non-story generated by a Liarbour apparatchik.

  10. I wonder if he was one of the 197,441 complainants :lol:,00.html

    ARMED forces slum housing notched up a record 197,441 complaints, it was revealed yesterday.

    The toll over the last year is more than four moans for each of the 44,000 decaying military homes.

    In January alone as many as half of service residents reported a range of problems, lodging 23,623 protests with the MoD.

    A substantial chunk are about ageing boilers that pack up, leaving young families without heating or hot water. Some families have spent 12 weeks without a boiler, often while their men fight in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    The figures were unearthed by the Lib Dems, whose defence spokesman Nick Harvey MP said: “Our forces’ accommodation is a national disgrace.

    “A soldier who has just braved Iraq or Afghanistan should not have to spend hours on the phone to an anonymous call centre trying to get his boiler fixed.

    “The Government demands a lot of our troops and repays them with dreadful accommodation

    Many problems have been blamed on a contractor hired by the MoD to fix forces’ houses.Modern Housing Solutions got 8,779 complaints about their service in the past year.

    One forces house was burnt down by a serious fire due to recently installed faulty wiring.

    Last December former top soldier General Sir Mike Jackson branded conditions “frankly, shaming”. And a Sun investigation found many estates are rat-infested and riddled with damp due to years of neglect.

    An MoD spokeswoman said last night: “Some housing is not good enough, which is why we are spending £5billion over ten years to fix it. We have also acknowledged problems with the maintenance service — but the situation here is improving too.”
  11. This does raise one question, - how big a house does a General need?
  12. Check the thread in Charities and Welfare for more opinions, " A-G gets house make-over"
  13. but what if its true?
  14. Kevan Jones MP, Labour member on the Commons Defence Select Committee to be exact - who having at least some responsibility for funding is far more to blame for the current state of service housing than Lt Gen Viggers ever will be...