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From todays beeb report


Iraq has complied with the United Nations only reluctantly and may still possess biological weapons and rockets, the chief UN weapons inspector has said.
Hans Blix was sharply critical of the Baghdad government in his keenly-awaited report to the Security Council on Monday. He said:

Iraq might still have stocks of anthrax
Baghdad has failed to account for up to 300 rocket engines
Its weapons declaration last month contained no new material

"Iraq appears not to have come to a genuine acceptance - not even today - of the disarmament which was demanded of it," he said.

end quote

What do ya reckon? Me thinks that this is all that GWB will need to kick it off. Next few days news should be interesting :(


The US keep going on about Iraq not proving that they have no WMD.  Surely this is guilty until proven innocent syndrome?

How can you prove you don't have something if you can't provide the item that doesn't exist? (Think that's right!?)

As for all the stuff that he previously declared but has now gone missing, it's probably dispersed about the globe as a bit of insurance against anyone daft enough to attack his country.........


Perhaps a better parallel than innocent till proven guilty is:

Convicted crim who was given chance to go straight and has signally failed to do so.


why don't we just carpet nuke the entire iraqi nation minimal allied casuality  ;D