And for our next mobilisation....

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by OldSnowy, Dec 15, 2004.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    "Under Secretary of State Ivor Caplin MP announced on 14 December 2004 that there would be a further callout of Reservists to replace existing Reservists in the UK area of operations in Iraq when a routine roulement of UK forces takes place in May 2005.

    The roulement means that the number of mobilised reservists in Iraq will increase, from about 750 mobilised reservists in Iraq to about 900. The increase is due mainly to the replacement of a Regular Field Hospital with a Territorial Army one. This long-planned rotation demonstrates the manner in which the reserves are now fully integrated into the overall force structure, and their flexibility and utility. It is very much normal business.

    Full text of the Written Ministerial Statement:
    The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence (Mr. Ivor Caplin): I am announcing today that we will shortly begin mobilising approximately 900 reservists to replace the existing reservists serving in support of operations in Iraq. These reservists will be beginning their deployments from April 2005 onwards.

    We currently have some 750 Army reservists carrying out a range of activities including medical support, force protection duties and providing individual reinforcements to units. We anticipate that most of these tasks will continue, but the forthcoming replacement of the regular field hospital with one staffed by reservists, along with the number of individual reinforcements required by regular units will slightly increase the total reserves requirement. These changes mean that the number of Army reservists in theatre will be about 1,000 in May 2005, before reducing over the following months.

    We aim to issue the call-out notices in phases following this announcement and plan on giving reserve personnel 28 days' notice of call-up (a minimum of 21 days). Mobilisation will be followed by a period of individual, pre-deployment and collective training, integration into receiving units, and then a short period of pre-deployment leave. The majority of those called-out can expect a deployed tour of six months and a total period of mobilisation, including post-tour leave, of about nine months, though for a few it may be slightly longer.

    Between now and March we aim to identify those reservists who are believed to be fit and available for deployment. As is customary, to ensure that we successfully mobilise the required number, we will need to issue a greater number of call-out notices than the actual requirement.

    This further call-up is fully consistent with the Government's stated policy of employing the reserves as an integral component of the armed forces."

    Doesn't look like a 40% reduction to me :)
  2. 40%reduction of the TA in the uk!!
  3. Brown Envelopes coming your way soon in late Jan 05!
  4. not for me :lol: . Though mother in law was keen for me to go again :evil: bitch safe for a year or so
  5. Hmmm, haven't had to wait for Brown Envelope - already know!!

    Ah well, nowt like forward planning - just for a change!!!lol
  6. wouldn't surprise me when they start running out of TA staff , that the Govt will be looking at changing ACF adult staff terms and conditions and mobilise them .
    after all the Govt did change the TA terms and conditions , you joined up expecting to be called up in a NATIONAL emergency instead you are plugging manpower shortage in the Regs
  7. That would be great for comedy value. I'd love to see the face of an ACF adult instructor when they open their brown envelope. If you're next to one on ops though.... sorry, maybe not many people liked you anyway and it'll make your passing easier. :wink:
  8. i know i definitly won't be on ops (for now)
    however i wouldn't put it past the Govt to move the goalpost

    what you mean nobody liked me ! im special me 8) :lol:
  9. I'm in the same boat- for at least 9 more months more....... but I am thinking of volunteering for a job I wouldn't mind
  10. Polar, you're not in the same boat. You're not even on the same ocean.

    Semper, you will not be going on ops, period. The only instance in which you will be getting a brown envelope is for a war of national survival, and even then I'd question the decision...unless the en die laughing, naturally.
  11. oohh bit touchy aren't we lol gizzit. :lol:
  12. Yes mate, that's right, I'm touchy.
    Although not as touchy as you when it comes to "cadet beddy byes", I'll wager...

    "Come on Cpl Jones, you need this for your 3-star...."
  13. you obviously missed molesting kids :lol:
  14. Semper,
    If you want to be a soldier, join the Army. The ACF are not, ever, going to be mobilised. Why would they? It's a civilian youth organisation run along Army lines. If you think otherwise, you are seriously deluding your self.
  15. Send the OTC they're all faux-brave and wannabe craphats anyway........

    I can see it now......... :lol: