And finally the Mafia they ain't .... you couldn't write this as fiction enjoy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Hot Pork pies for supper.
  2. Love the fact that the staff thought that the numpties smashing display cabinets were playing a 'practical joke'
  3. Never eaten a hot pork pie. Doesn't the jelly melt and make it greasy?
  4. For sure you couldn't invent a story like that!
  5. Maybe if its a greasy supermarket one.
    Nothing like the lovely salty juice running down your chin. It's akin to an Egg banjo.
  6. You scamp, you set that up for "a changed at no cost"reply.

    I'll give the hot pork pie a go at the weekend, sounds pretty good.
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  7. Never had pie and peas? Me neither mushy peas are vile.
    A warm Pork pie with Colmans mustard to dip it in is fantastic.
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  8. Hot pork pie,mushy peas and mint sauce/jelly-------a magnificent lunch
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  9. I think that the reputation of the magnificent Kent Police is such that the county's criminals are unable to function properly through sheer nervousness.

    My pie of choice is a huntsman's pie from David John Butcher's in the Covered Market, Oxford.
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  10. Hot Pork Pie with Cream of Tomato Soup. Very moreish.
  11. That's different, probably too sweet for me.
  12. Hot pork pies are a disgusting, gristle-packed northern abortion, as bad as Scotch mutton pies or London pie, mash and liquor. Nothing beats a genuine Melton Mowbray pork pie, hand raised, at room temperature; replete with proper jelly (no gelatine muck) and served with a good piccalilli, freshly made English mustard or traditional chunky Branston and accompanied by a pint of Everards or my own 9.7% abv home brew session bitter
  13. Nothing's special about Melton Mowbray pies, they're so good they sell them in supermarkets. Pork pies really can't last for a week unless they're full of chemicals.
  14. I make my own. The secret is a spoonful of anchovy essence and to dice not mince the pork. Jelly made out of pigs trotters and bones from the pork shoulder or spare ribs. I say again, don't mince (sorry Jarrod) or use bacon unless you demand the salmon pink saltpetre filled sludge that passes for pork pie filling 'oop north