And email I received "dont write british troops" WTF?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by TankersAngel, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. So during the past couple of days I've had a lot of emails to answer but one email catched my eye. A woman wrote me that she disagrees with our programe for British Soldiers and that she even wants to start a Campaign for not supporting the troops because they would be well-paid, enjoy their jobs and just laugh at people who are writing them. But maybe you want to read the email yourself, here it is:

    Well I'd say there are always arrses out there who take it to the extreme and you never know if that person you are writing to is an arrse. But from my experience most of them are forever thankful. Yes, they may have your adresse, but you've got their rank, full name and servicenumber. Also you can always get a P.O Box which in most cases solves the problem....

    What do you think?
  2. well paid love our job
    who the fcuk is this women.

    and what dos she know?
  3. I think the bitter and twisted bitch thought she had 'bagged' herself a squaddie and he wasn't interested on his return......Bunny Boiler!

    Glad I'm lucky enough to have my entourage to keep me amused and don't have to rely on sour old fuglies like her!
  4. Go on, fess up, it was from Cherie 'hit in the face with an axe' Booth, wasn't it?
  5. Actually the name is pretty close and she just wrote again:

    Obviously she didn't really check the website. If she had she knew that we've got a wounded program as well. Plus our Soldiers are not just males. Some of them are females and it's not just british Soldiers and we've never had problems with any of them.
  6. give me her email and every one else on here.
  7. I don't know if that would be a good idea... don't want to get anyone into trouble...
  8. go on put it on here please please please.
    we wont say anything.
  9. go on put it on here please please please.
    we wont say anything.
  10. go on put it on here please please please.
    we wont say anything. :D :D :D :D
  11. go on put it on here please please please.
    we wont say anything. :D :D :D :D
  12. I know you guys way too well. What I can do is collecting your message. Write a serious answer to her emails and I will forward them to her. NO NAME CALLING! Just write a serious email and send it to put "email" in the subject line and I will send them all to her. Show her that british soldiers are different and not the way she thinks they are.
  13. ok here gos.

    hi there you fat lezza what i would like to do to you when i come off tour.
    is rip your fcuking head off and shite down your wind pipe.
  14. Of course she has a very valid point and anyone organising a letters/parcels to troops campaign should have the sense to recognise that valid point. If a woman writes letters and sends parcels out to support and raise morale she deserves not to have her support mocked at the very least, or her photo even added to a pig board. The recipient then letting her know he/she is safely home once more one would think a basic courtesy. Good manners cost nothing after all.
    I find it very odd that anyone coordinating such a campaign can't even recognise the truth in what this woman says.
  15. :crazy: :rofl:

    Oookay... at least you've tried to be nice. Honestly, emails like that will only make her stronger in what she believes...