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Army sex case pair face £½m libel bill
By Michael Evans

TWO soldiers who had been accused of having a romantic fling in the desert were facing a £500,000 bill yesterday after losing a libel case.
Captain Sarah Pedder and Staff Sergeant Allan Dummer had already been punished by the Army for indulging in a forbidden relationship which broke the army code of conduct while training in the same unit in Oman.

Captain Pedder, 28, was thrown out of the Army, and Staff Sergeant Dummer, 39, was demoted to corporal, and has decided to end his military career. Both served with the Royal Corps of Signals.

They sued the Daily Mail and the London Evening Standard for stories about their encounters in the Omani desert during a training exercise in 2001. The jury in the libel trial at the High Court unanimously rejected the couple’s claim that they had refrained from physical contact until their return to Britain. Both left their partners and are now married.

They now have to pay an estimated £500,000 in legal costs to Associated Newspapers, owner of the papers, which claimed justification for the stories on the ground that some physical and emotional intimacy had occurred.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Serves the pair of them right. If you add the 500 grand bill to the cost of lost pensions and loss of pay, the pair of them must be knocking a million - expensive shag!!!
I knew Sarah P and her first husband when I was in the OTC with them both, and I have to say they are decent people who I had a lot of time for. Sadly Sarah's first marriage broke down over this affair and it must have been impossibly hard for all concerned to have it played out in the national press. I fully agree that they breached the army's code of conduct by their behaviour and that the army should have acted as it saw fit, however the press have acted in an apalling way and I am not surprised that they sued on principle, even if it wasn't the wisest thing to do.

I just hope that she has a better time once she qualifies as a solicitor.


There are only two defences against Libel (and slander-when you only say it)

1. You never wrote it or said it

2. What you wrote or said was true

As Oscar Wilde discovered when he was identified as a shirt lifter, sued, lost and went down (to prison that is).

The moral of this story being-if you are going to shag around then be discreet

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