And back again to the Dr Kelly and "Dodgy Dossier" allegations

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Grubby Bum III, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Two interesting articles in the Telegraph this morning. First from Andrew Gilligan who reviews his part in the "dodgy dossier" affair and, especially, its connection to Dr David Kelly's death:

    The betrayal of Dr David Kelly, 10 years on - Telegraph

    And almost as if it was supporting Gilligan's view, Sir Richard Dearlove, exhead of the SIS, threatens to go public with his memoirs on the lead up to the Iraq war if the Chilcott Inquiry does not fully "recognise the role played by Tony Blair and the Prime Minister's chief spokesman Alastair Campbell in informing media reports which suggested Saddam could use chemical weapons to target British troops based in Cyprus, a claim which led to Britain entering the war in Iraq" :

    Former head of MI6 threatens to expose secrets of Iraq 'dodgy dossier' - Telegraph

    More mud-slinging, or is the report on the Inquiry to undergo significant revision?
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  2. whitewash-e1269489083955.jpg
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  3. If this the beginning of the end for Blair I shall be very happy, but I suspect Teflon Tony will slip out of any responsibility again.

    And of course his conscience will be clear because he probably only had to say three 'Hail Mary's' to receive absolution.
  4. GB3. This weekend our granddaughter is staying. Aged 10. We are knackered already and Er Indoors (EI) is not well so laying on the bed watching telly. I took her in a cup of tea.

    Me "Who is that warbling on the telly"

    EI " Er there"

    Me "Who ?"

    EI "That woman on the show that is a video of her singing when she was younger"

    Me "Who is she ?"

    EI "Dunno"

    Then I settled down with my cuppa tea and read your thread. Allegory ! Gilligan says. The Head of SIS says. Chilcott says. Final answer ? "Dunno"
  5. Sir Richard, if he 'reveals all' will have to be very careful when walking his dog down lonely country lanes in the countryside that he don't bump into a group of large men in suits, a Humvee and dodgy behaviour....

    "Please Sir, our car has broken down, can you help us.........!"

    Perhaps that is what happened to Dr Kelly.......... (but all is alleged, and nothing is true or real)
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  6. The fact that you can criticise any thread on here exposes your massive lack of self awareness.

    You are without doubt, the biggest, broken headed mong, that has access to this site. And considering the competition that's some fecking achievement.

    P.S.My sympathies to your wife, she must have the patience of a Saint.
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  7. No sympathy to the wife at all. The fact the post refers to a grandchild implies Mrs BB has committed crimes on humanity by procreating and continuing the BB lineage.
  8. Good point well made, I will go and read one of Broken Brain's (BB) thread headers as penance.
  9. Dearlove should check the brake lines on his motor for damage. He will be going the same way as Dr Kelly.
  10. He is as slippery as a slippery eel that has just gone for a swim in a pool of OMD110 .
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  11. Only a generation ago when Jacques René Chirac was our president, we viewed Britain as a country that was rightly famed throughout the world for its high standards of integrity, decency and probity in public life. Your civil servants did not take bribes - in sharp contrast to the deplorable conduct of officials across most of Europe, Africa and beyond. And your politicians were keenly conscious of the distinction between public service and private greed. They did not go into government to make a fortune.

    However there were a few benighted exceptions - such as Conservative Cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken, who was jailed for perjury – there again he was driven by a fierce belief in public duty. But over the past 16 years, we have watched as British public life has undergone a terrible deterioration, thanks mainly to Tony Blair, the sulphurous Alasdair Campbell, their cohorts and some very dubious practices. Today, MPs think nothing of extorting money from the British taxpayer, whilst former ministers shamelessly profit from office by making ruthless use of their contacts. And the office of Prime Minister, instead of being the ultimate ambition for every aspiring MP, is now seen as a stepping stone for joining the super-rich.

    In the league of shame, Tony Blair is arguably the worst of them all. Everyone knows that this wretched man has multiplied his personal fortune many times over by trading off the connections he made while in Downing Street. Even worse, he fought a long battle to conceal the source of his new-found wealth, and only recently did it finally become public that one of his largest clients was a South Korean oil company, the UI Energy Corporation, with extensive interests in Iraq.

    Since he has also made £1million from advising the Kuwaiti royal family, it can be fairly claimed that Blair has profiteered as a result of the Iraq War in which so many hundreds of thousands of people died - including, of course, many of your servicemen. In all, Blair is believed to have made some £20million since leaving Downing Street in July 2007 and his trusted lieutenants have admitted on camera that they aimed to turn the contacts they had gained while part of the British Government into 'something that frankly makes money'.

    Thus ten years on conspiracy theories continue to abound regarding the “death” of Dr David Kelly needless to say I have my own views on the subject. However the British public have the right to know the truth of the matter, even if people in high places are disgraced – nobody is above the law. What I am effectively saying is that the government of the time were the most corrupt, useless, incompetent, spin obsessed dishonest **** off merchants in the history of modern day governments, with the exception of Robert Mugabe and his government sponsored terrorists who seem to who lie and cheat and steal to keep control.

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely - rant over.............
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  12. Interesting piece by Andrew Gilligan.

    He names the trio of individuals responsible for the death, Blair, Campbell and Straw. Interesting observations that Campbell a man that already had one breakdown was behaving like a “crazy person” according to Blair. The three of them by their actions drove a man to take his own life, I hope everyday they think upon this for the rest of their miserable lives.
  13. Richard's the chairman of my fishing club, a decent, honest and, above all, considered man by all accounts.
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  14. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    He said you were a lousy fisherman with pikey french backgrounds and a ropey accent!
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  15. Or (dons tin foil hat) tell everyone about his writings that are only for the eyes of future historians.
    If he should meet a sudden end, those writings will be made public.
    He's the ex boss of SIS(?), which suggests he has a bit of knowledge of how things work.
    Sounds like life insurance to me.