And Another One who "..Hasnt Broken the Rules...."

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chimera, May 5, 2009.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Like lambs to the slaughter, another Labour peer shamelessly milking the system:

    Nice to see her keeping to her true Socialist principles: "Each according to his ability...etc" or is more like Animal Farm: "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others..."
  2. Strange that she hasnt broken the "rules" but could well be deemed to have commited fraud, and broken the law. Not setting a good example as one of the country's legislators.
  3. Why not do up an old barracks in or around London, any MP who needs accom for Houses of Parliament can stay there when they need to, centrally fed, transport there and back - sorted, stop all the second homes, bath plugs, porn allowances and save a fortune.

    Failing that have a military coup and slot the lot of the greedy twots.

  4. Perhaps she could could offer it out to disabled ex forces who want somewhere to stay when in London . . .

    I wonder if she get Tax Relief for it? . . . :wink:

    Labour Peer is that?? . . . one of Tony's chums . . . :wink:
  5. Why do you assume she's a socialist?
  6. This pot has been bubbling over the weekend,

    "Oh but it's within the rules"

    They don't live there so why claim

    And it's easy to prove they don't live there-

    Has she paid full council tax? and of course living in Maidstone she would have claimed her travel expenses as well.
    So let's see the receipts.
    Oh and are her children of school age? If so where are they educated?

    I've had enough of this troughing.

    ALL of you from whatever party can do what I have to do.

  7. Zarnu have never been Socialist in any way shape or form . .
  8. The bigger issue is that she has been living in a 4 bed house in london, rented from a housing trust. What housing trust I hear you ask:

    " She lives in a low rent housing association 4 bed villa in Wapping, rented from Shoreditch Housing Association"

    Quite how Baroness Uddin qualifies for a 4 bed house destined for low income key workers from Spitalfield Housing Association is beyond me.
    However, one look at the organisation brings it all into focus:

    * Ala Uddin - Vice-Chair

    * Faruque Uddin - Housing Officer

    * Abdus Uddin - Assistant Maintenance Officer
  9. Ah, a "Family Trough"!

    Comrade, to the ramparts . . . :wink:
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Well spotted GordonBrown.

    I guess she will say that she has not broken any Housing Association rules either. But then again it seems like she (or her namesakes) write them.
  11. I think it was Sky who door-stopped one of her offspring, who gave the reporter the usual cack about how she was a good woman who did much for the local community (no clarification on where that community might have been), but his parting shot was telling;

    "If you want to do something about it, get them to sort out the corrupt system" or words to that effect.
  12. Kudos goes to Old Holborn
  13. I thought that God, or Fate if you prefer, was so much better at choosing the members of the House of Lords.

    Those that think T. Bliar chose a better class of 'peer' or 'peeress', please, please tell me how.
  14. Could someone post some construction plans for a Guillotine on here - I've got a lovely piece of Sheffield Steel for the blade?
  15. Money and power BUYS votes, or perhaps sells them too!

    "You'll vote for me and I'll set you free" . . . . :wink: