And an enlightening poll from Al Jazeera

Having visited the site you quoted above, it doesn't surprise me that they are pissed off and want us out. Can you really blame them?

From their perspective it appears that the US want to control the Middle East as part of their ever expanding empire of influence. Also oil is and will always be a big player in this- we haven't invaded Zimbabwe and he is just as bad as ole Sadam! Why? Well apart from the fact it would be an embarressment to the Labour party who supported this "Freedom fighter" but they are not overflowing in oil!

Anyway, young Bush has to pay back all those lovely companies that sponsered his election campaign!

Cynical, oh yes please!
Purely on the theological side: the US constitution enshrines a secular state - ie it puts the man-made concept of Democracy before God's Word. To a devout believer that is idolatory. Therefore it's a duty to God to oppose US influence.

Add to that the abject misery of the Palestinian refugees for 50 years and the unequal distribution of intervention - eg Rwanda, Zimbabwe as mentioned etc vs Iraq it's hardly surprising that a lot of folk don't buy the story of humanitarianism.
Well actually, I posted the poll , because there was a 40% response to the Arab World should yield to US reforms

Which means either :

a) The MTV invasion is working in the middle east. I jest not, American style advertising is dominant on the Lebanese and Kuwati channels. If any of you can get Lebanese K2 , I particularly recommend "Razmania"

b) A shedload of Americans voted

If you visit the link , the poll is laid out in entirety there.

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