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Bit of light relief? In the comedy vein, Christmas telly seemed to focus this year on shows and characters we've lost. We've produced some characters that almost rate as national treasures, Edmund, Prince George, Arthur, Del, Mainwaring, Hyacinth, Rigsby and so on. Sure there are hundreds more.

Here's one, bring back Gilbert the Alien. "I'm lovely I am, I'm lovely".

Voiced by Phil Cornwell (Dead Ringers, Spitting Image, Comic relief, Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Stella Street. ) Gilbert the snotty green alien came from the planet Drill and first turned up on the Spaceship Millennium Dustbin. Get Fresh (86) and in a further two series for Tyne Tees Television, Gilbert's Fridge and Gilbert's Late in 1988 and 1990. Known for sitting in the background and taking the p+ss during live interviews and very often snotting all over pop stars.


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