And again we say a big thank-you to our brave boys.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by boggy, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. What he needs to do is get a job in the MoD typing pool, then sprain his thumb.

    That would net him a good 300K more.

    On a serious note, why not keep in? He would make a blinding Mine Awareness instructor. If he would be up for that, the young toms would certainly have their minds brought in to focus.

    Failing that there are a number of jobs he could do, which would free up an ablebodied Marine for the front (basically). It would benefit the Service and him, as he would still be amongst "family".

    Don´t the American Police do something similar? They call it "retirement in place" or similar.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I like the idea

    I served with a man who, having had his leg trapped and broken ( v badly) by a Wr door, was down graded for many years. A good man who served a full 22.

    I think there is at least one amputee in the Scots Div (BW?) who lost a leg on one of the earlier Telic, who still serves and has proven to be more than a little useful.

    I think the difficulty would come as the current system wouldn't pay a penny in compensation until after service was completed, giving them plenty of time to downgrade payment.
  3. There is a famous (sort of) guy in the Royal Corps´. Served 22 Years as a Siggy and then LCpl mostly in the Blandford Armoury. His right arm, IIRC, was completely immobile. But seeing as teh Blandford Armourer will never deploy....

    I beleive he still has the job, it was turned in to a civvie post when he left the Services.
  4. As I read on an earlier thread, I believe there are two Para's who as we speak or deploying to Helmand, both with missing lower legs.

    Good on them, shame on those suits and Mod Whitehall! .. :x :x
  5. Facking disgusting, as usual. How long before the MoD start charging wounded servicemen for the use of Headley Court? FFS. :x
  6. This cheeky fecker was pushing in at the bar at Cpl D Mulvihills Funeral wake a couple of weeks ago

    Cheeky sod, youth of today and all that

    The tailor who did his number 1s must have been threaders

    More grit/spine than the entire content of the house of commons.

    Royal we salute you
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    IIRC there was a Para who lost a leg at Warrenpoint and served 22 albeit in a storeman/depot role

    I don't see why these guys can't work if in training and other roles
    As all ready pionted out not only would it give recruits a message to what could happen it would also send a message out stating yes it can happen but the forces will look after you and if possible let you stay in

    Just as an aside does anyone know how many individualls have suffered this sort of injury?
    Are they still held on Regimental strength even though they are Headley court?
  8. Don´t the Foreign Legion look after their own, no matter what? Seem to recall the old boys used to make memoribilia for the museums and similar. Retired but still looked after by the Legion, in a similar way to the Chelsea Pensioners.
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Yes they do they have a retirement home in the Pyranees IIRC
    they also do this if you have less than 5 years in and don't have French Citizenship:

    A soldier who becomes injured during a battle for France can apply for French citizenship under a provision known as “Français par le sang versé” (”French by spilled blood”).
  10. having read the article, I am forced to ask if anybody knows what criteria could possibly have been used to decide that this individual should not recieve the full compensation.

    To be completely honest, the maximum payable and the whole tarrif needs re-examination and swards made to civvies for relatively minor work related injuries taken into consideration.

    How can anyone argue that a sprained thumb or pulled muscle is worth more than loss of three limbs?

    As usual this Govt seems to want to give money to the useless and idle at the expense of those who actually get off their arses and do something positive for the country.
  11. Bootie was told back when he was first injured a year ago that the Marines would do everything to keep anyone injured in the line of duty a part of the family - provided there is a role they can do, they will stay. Bootie's positive he will get to stay a bootneck even if he can't return to a unit, I think the aim is that those too badly injured for front line duties can move across to the training centre and similar roles so their knowledge and experience can be used.

    As to the award calculation, much as I disagree with it, loss of both legs above the knee and one arm is classed as one injury, tariff 2: £201,250. The rest of his award will be 30% of the value of some other, smaller injury.

    Don't get me started on the AFCS, which utterly fails to take into account the reality of these, or bootie's injuries. They don't even have his most serious injury listed on the tariff so his claim is going to be a nightmare.
  12. You can help them out by buying some of this, makes a great gift idea and they post to the UK.



    Good luck Bootie and to your family.
  13. I think they counted the 28 pints of blood he received as part of the package owed him by a grateful Government for his loss. It's an accountancy thing.
  14. i cant be bothered going on about the AFCS, other than to say it is a bag of bollox. What i will say is that i was working when Mne ormrod got brought in and frankly im suprised he is alive, so hats off to him.

    im really pleased that he is getting better and fighting cause that fighting spirit is what he is going to need over the years to come

    I salute you!