and after this years bounty??????

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Fuchs66, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. There has been a bit of talk in here and elsewhere that this years bounty will be a bit of a water shed for those fed up with the TA being used as a "temping agency" "stopgap" etc etc.

    How many are seriously thinking about sacking it as soon as the bounty's in the bank?

    Must admit I may be getting out this year but it's mainly for personal reasons.
  2. We've always had the bounty hunters; let's face it, it's the natural time to get out. Why leave in November when you can turn in once every three months to stay on the books and then leave when the CO's cash register goes ker-ching?

    But I sense what you mean is.... given the way the regular army has again fought to the last drop of TA blood, how use of the TA on ops for 9 months (incl POTL) is starting to get various Mrs STABs and employers up and down the land a tad weary, how motivated TA soldiers are being used to stag on gates, pan-bash, sweep MND SE and come home demoralised and in no doubt about the status of TA in our one-army.... are we expecting a bigger exodus this year.

    What do you think? :(

    Answers on a postcard to Stabtastic, c/o ARRSE, prize is a Saddam banknote and a bootful of sand, plus a signed copy of 'My 100 all time list of gates to stag on at' .....
  3. I get the feeling (and it is just a feeling hence this poll) that this time it may be more than the Bounty hunters that will be going, I could be wrong. I was lucky enough to get a new job soon after getting back from Telic 1 (after losing my existing job due to the mobilisation) but I know a few who weren't so lucky, some good lads amongst them and I can understand people feeling a bit used and abused by "the system"
  4. ..Have certainly thought about it, more so at the end of Telic 2.. I came back to a new job but now the irony is that in my normal occupation there are continued cut backs and the threat of redundancy, and very few job alternatives. Consequently, the TA still provides a bolt hole and an another paysource albeit not a brilliant one if things really go pear shaped.

    The other thing is whilst we are being used to fill gaps, they are one year in three, if we do move to one in five, then we are likely to be abused less,our wives and employers will be happier.

    Quite a few of our unit have now done the Telic thing and only a tiny minority have sacked it. We are now more interested in whats going to happen after the most recent defence review.

    The double irony is that when I joined in the 80's we used to question why we were in the TA ,(other than as a Russian speed bump),because we never got used,(yes I know the Army was bigger then) its a question as why the regular Army and TA are being stretched so thinly! another one for our local MP???

    I for one will be staying, but understand why others might not.
  5. Seriously lacking in motivation had peace support traning start of year
    cheers wish i'd had it before i went to the sandpit now doing sf gun drills
    like i'm going to need that on a gate . 1 tour ok but why go back ? either transfering or handing kit in