Ancram Pledges to Save Regiments

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Vimes, May 10, 2005.

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  1. Shadow Foreign Secretary and Conservative Deputy Leader Michael Ancram is undertook a visit in Scotland pledging to save the six historic infantry regiments. Commenting, Mr Ancram said:

    "Scotland's infantry regiments have fought with great dedication and professionalism for our country for hundreds of years, including recent operations in Iraq. Our regiments are envied the world over and it is ludicrous to suggest that scrapping them is the right way forward.

    "Mr Blair's decision to scrap the regiments whilst many of them were actually in Iraq was crass in the extreme, and it is little wonder that many Scots have seen it as a naked betrayal of our forces.

    "I am presenting the people of Scotland with a simple choice because there are only two possible outcomes on May 5th. The end of Scotland's regiments under Labour, or the reinstatement of our regiments with the Conservatives."

    Shadow Scottish Secretary Peter Duncan joined Mr Ancram in Edinburgh and demanded further action to ensure that Scottish troops are entitled to vote in the General Election on May 5th. Further to Scottish Conservative research last year highlighting a consequence of new legislation which could lead to members of the armed services not being able to vote, it emerged that thousands of troops had missed the deadline to renew their "service voter" status. However, Conservatives believe that swift action could allow them to use a standard postal vote. Commenting, Mr Duncan said:

    "It is clear now that the troops will not be able to register to vote in the way envisaged by the legislation. However this is simply not acceptable. There can barely be a greater injustice than our troops being denied the right to vote in an election where the future of their regiment is at stake.

    "The new legislation made it difficult enough for troops to vote, but the government's tardy timekeeping in sending them the necessary documentation made it nigh on impossible. This is a scandalous situation which will leave a sour taste in the mouths of Scots.

    "We believe there is still time to act, by ensuring that troops who are registered are sent a standard postal vote immediately which they would be able to return within the time limits.

    "It is little wonder that trust in government is at an all time low. People all over Scotland are thinking what we're thinking. Imagine 5 more years of Mr Blair."
  2. Bit late isn't it.
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    He can pledge all he likes there is fcuk all he can do about it. In fact if he were Sos Defence then I doubt very much if he would go back on the scrapping of any Regts never mind the Scottish ones.

    He's a fecking politician FFS.
  4. That's like your Gran turning around in 1944 and saying Hitler must be stopped. Someone of no significance stating the obvious when it's too late to do anything about it.
  5. Whats the point? last time the torys were driving the bus, they culled half the fcuking army.
  6. There is of course an interesting twist - Dr John Reid (a Jock) is now the SoS. This won't make a blind bit of difference - unless Gordon Brown is made PM. We then have a PM and Defence Secretary who are both Jocks - getting rid of famous Scottish Regiments.

    What is the timescale? If it is close to teh next General Election, will they think twice as they try and get a historic 4th term?

    Maybe it is not over yet!
  7. Actually Vimes' quote appears to be from a press release issued by the Scottish Conservatives on 20th April. Thanks Vimes for posting it, I don't think I saw it at the time.
  8. It's all well and good, but once they've gotten rid of the Seniors, WOs, commissioned officers and such like, how are they going to raise the regiments again without short-staffing the surviving regiments?
  9. Mike, that question does not arise unless the Conservatives decide to issue a new pledge. Had the Tories been returned to power, the disbandments would have been halted before they happened. You will now have seen that the remarks quoted at the start of this thread were issued before the General Election.
  10. :oops:

    Sorry - missed that!
  11. And Blair's closest advisor (spin doctor) Alistair Campbell.
    And Milburn's a (posh) geordie - a jock with his heid kicked in! 8)
  12. Especially since the TA was decimated decades ago by Labour.
    That is, there are no TA Bns of RA Bns to draw that tradition from.

    The whole situation could have been handled much differently. For instance, instead of essencially disbanding all regiments and creating one brand spanking new one, BW could have been increased to 3 Bns, and RScots to 2 or 3 bns.
    All other Scottish Regiments could have been preserved by moving them from the RA list to the TA list. This would also have the effect of bolstering the TA, which is said to be undersised for future role/deployments.

    Perhaps though, the goal is to destroy tradition

  13. Re Timescale; The all new singing and dancing "SUPER" Royal Regment of Scotland is due be formed on St Andrews Day (30th Nov) 2005.

    As for 51 Highland Regiment TA,they are well fooked for recruits.This all due to previous "cuts" in the TA. 51 Highland and 52 Lowland are expected to form two Bns within the new Regt,yeah righto!!! They better get down to Castle Law/Barry Budden ranges and get some fig 11s to fill the ranks.

    Does FIS stand for FCUKED INFANTRY STUCTURE?? :x
  14. Isnt Blair a Scot.

    Will the Scottish Regiment be truely up and going by Nov 05, or will this simply be on Paper. I can see many discussions and arguements over, what the cap badge looks like and how to pass the port and what the regimental march will be. Does anyone or will anyone have time to figure this out...
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If you believe any promise by a politician then I am afraid you hev gone right down in my estimation, Hackle.

    The seeds of this change were laid many years ago and I doubt, had Howard been returned as leader of the majority party, he would have spent any sweat saving the Regiments, Scottish or otherwise.

    Does not mean to say the battle is over!