Ancient PARA versus Fat Hat - PARA 10 11th Septmeber 2011

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by postman_twit, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. I will probably live to regret this but after a couple of beers I decided to challenge Pararegtom to a suited and booted race at this year's PARA 10 (details to be found at Paras' 10 - The Ultimate in 10 Mile Endurance Races).

    When he'd stopped laughing he decided to accept and between us we came up with the idea of making a few bob for Holidays 4 Heroes whilst we were bimbling round North Yorkshire.

    We will be running a sweepstake to see who can predict the outcome of our race. We have three prizes on offer for the three Arrsers who get closest to the actual result.

    The prizes are:

    1. A bottle of 10 year old single malt Talisker. Kindly donated by that lovely young man, Markintime.

    2. A bottle of 22 Regiment SAS malt. The bottle is currently un-signed however we are attempting to have it autographed prior to the race by a certain one of Them. Kindly donated by that lovely old man, Pararegtom.

    3. A bottle of Jean d'Alibert 2006 award winning Minervois. Apparently it's a decent wine but my Northern palate wouldn't know the difference either way.

    The cost per entry will be £5.00 or 3 entries for £10.00. The structure for the sweepstake is as follows:

    1. SINGLE ENTRY: Post your predicted winner followed by the anticipated winning margin in minutes and seconds.

    ie; PRT 12.30.

    2. Make a £5 donation to Holiday 4 Heroes quoting the reference 'PARA10PRT12.30'.

    3. MULTIPLE ENTRIES: Post your predicted results and margins in minutes and seconds.

    ie; PT 3.30 PT 1.15 PRT 5.25

    4. Make a £10 donation to Holidays 4 Heroes quoting the FIRST reference 'PARA10PT3.30'.

    5. in the event of duplicated entries, only the first one posted will be vaild.

    *** It is important to include these references with your payments to enable the admin team to validate your bids.

    6. The result will be taken from the official timing chips provided to all runners which may take a couple of days to be posted online.

    7. The three entries which are closest to the result without 'going over' will be deemed to have won.

    ie; If the result is PRT by 7.58 only entries of 7.58 and below will be counted.

    8. The nearest entry to the actual result will have first dibs on one of the prizes, followed by the second nearest.

    A form guide:

    Pararegtom is a veteran of Arnhem, Suez, Warrenpoint, Goose Green and The Globetrotter and has recently quit his 60 a day Cuban cigar habit. Please be gentle with him when you post as he's very sensitive.

    I'm a Fat Hat who once nearly lost a whole arm to a severe papercut when serving in NI!

    Seriously though, PRT is racing both myself and his 17 year old alter ego. He is attempting to beat the time he did as a crow at Depot PARA 34 years ago. That's no mean feat for anyone to consider, let alone attempt. As you may already have guessed he's ex-PARA, so has form for this kind of stuff.

    I was a Postie and once saw an aeroplane! This will be my third bash and as always, will be my last!

    PRT says anyone mentioning 'a pink hat' will have to pledge an additional £1 on top of their entry fee!

    In the unlikely (hee hee) event of a dead heat PRT and I will sup all the booze ourselves. If either of us fails to complete the course, the three winners will be decided by drawing names from a hat. If either of us is unable to start the race Wedge_Cadman will step up to the plate. Could someone please let him know!!!!

    Please dig deep and make your posts as insulting as possible. Poor old PRT has not only a bergan to carry but the entire pride of an airborne brigade. The Postman Pat fan club don't really care all that much!

    Thanks once again to Markintime for his generosity.

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  2. **** the complicated prize rule...£100 if you beat the old ******'s a tip...leave a couple of bottles of red wine strategically place around the course......that'll slow him down some.....
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  3. Some? It'll stop him in his tracks :)
  4. Are you coming up to watch them struggle over the finish line????
  5. I might pop along. The ginger will be in days before PRT.
  6. If I don't, it won't be for lack of effort.
  7. I'm surprised the more switched on amongst you haven't cornered the early market for the obvious bets. Up here for thinking down there for tabbing! ; )
  8. It'll be difficult to put 14 days, 4 hours and 35 minutes in a message from HSBC. I'll be there at the end for you both with a smelly ginger dog and the promise of a pint.
  9. I think they have three hours so better just take PRT to the pub.
  10. We'll see them in The Buck then!
  11. So that's a Guiness, a Magners and two oxygen chasers please!
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  12. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    P_T you are a first class, albeit fundraising, twat. PRT you best turn up, no blaming your bad leg!! I have no wish to be rogered by the whole airborne brigade as your losing stand in.

    I also have a bottle of 10 year old Springbank Malt to add to the prize fund and a bottle of Jack Daniels
  13. Wedge I did ask for volunteers and somebody said you'd be up for it! Honest! Rogered by the a whole airborne brigade? Once is unfortunate, twice is a habit......

    Thanks for the additional prizes.
  14. I notice PRT has gone he

    a) At a secret training camp, hell-bent on being in peak physical condition for the challenge


    b) On a giant bender round the pubs of Londinium, trying to drink the city dry?

    Ladies, Gentlemen and the your bets now....
  15. My money is on PRT dying after 973 meters.

    Thank God that there is a massive difference between: