Ancient Mariner ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Apr 11, 2010.

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    Former Royal Navy seaman who swears at politicians on TV gets Asbo

    Asbo: Martin Solomon, Gloucestershire

    A former Royal Navy seaman has been given an Asbo – to stop him swearing at politicians when they appear on his TV or on the radio.

    Martin Solomon, 64, has already spent the past two weeks in prison waiting to be sentenced after admitting he had breached a previous Asbo by shouting and swearing loudly in his home in Stroud, Gloucestershire, and disturbing his neighbours last month.

    Appearing at Gloucester Crown Court, Solomon said he was sorry for his outbursts, which he said were prompted by politicians speaking on TV programmes. He also promised to avoid General Election coverage.

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    Oh My Buddha
  2. Looks a bit like his avatar...
  3. You can be jailed in the UK for swearing in your own home? but rap music can blare, and Pubs can have all manner of noise?
  4. "Former seaman" - well, yes, but he left when he was 22 years old and that was 42 years ago. Are they inferring that old habits die hard? Hasn't he been a former something-else more recently - and probably for far longer?

    I wonder if his neighbour's the local Labour candidate...
  5. Booze related? Surely not, you only have to look at him....
  6. Another comprehensive and detailed piece of reportage from the Mail!

    What is so sad is that when they rave about slipping standards in the UK, there's not the least glimmer of irony or self-awareness.

    Reading the Mail is the equvalent of spending half a hour in a medium secure mental health unit.
  7. Before this turns into a Daily Hate campaign, the Telegraph was running the story with the same slant. USA Today did the same in their on-line leader. (USA? Did we miss another referendum?)
  8. By the shape of the gentleman's nose, methinks this is not the only 'fight' he has engaged in.

    I notice that he has to undergo an 'education and training course' - what the Soviets and Chinese call 're-education' - 'brain-washing' in effect.

    I had no idea that Comrade Mandelson had introduced this procedure into the country, but I am not surprised.

    Rant on old sailor - which ever side you rant over - provided it is aimed at the Tories. If you rant against 'Stalin' Brown and his evil coterie, you will soon be ranting in prison.

  9. "Er-her-er-her-ra...brooom, broom!"

    Did I just hear an...Outrage bus being turned over?! :lol:
  10. Many years ago, one Daily Mail article cost the paper a drop of over 1 million sales overnight and members of the Stock Exchange burned all the copies they could find on the Stock Exchange Floor.
    All in one day, one item of quite true news.

    Eventually the Government fell.
  11. Farouke Moi.... He looks a bit like Young Uncle V... but with a bit more hair..... :worship:

    (Edited for Dyslxic Keyboard... again...!"
  12. Err, it's not me. I always comb the stray pork scratchings out of me beard before I'm up in court. Some of those lady barristers are quite toothsome so I always look my best in court.

    If my maths is right, this bloke would have been serving while they still issued the tot. Best part of 2 pints of 50% strength rum a week and you'll be an alcoholic in no time at all.

    I used to know a ship's captain who was fond of 'inventive' (and almost certainly illegal) punishments for defaulters he found guilty at summary trial. This included forced taking of antabuse for blokes who were persistently drunk. Antabuse can kill if you keep drinking while taking it.
  13. Thank Buddha your not the Perp, I wuz quite worried.
  14. Just as well I'm not in the UK at the moment as I have been verbally abusing my telly every time I see one of the lying, corrupt wankers on the BBC world programs! Especially if it's that lump of excreta brown! :x :x

    Mind you I can normally switch over to something calming like Al Jazeera in English or CNN, to let my BP settle down.