Anchor Supplies?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gooddog, May 25, 2009.

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  1. Recommended by a mate (I've seen the website, but their place is in nottingham, near me)...does anyone have any first hand experience? Are they any good? Do they haggle!? Any opinions apprechiated.
  2. They are a surplus dealer mate, most of the stuff is worn out rubbish.

    They sell pretty much anything you could think of that the MOD doesnt want anymore, that said from time to time they have the odd decent item in.

    There's one at Codnor too, used to have a Cheiftan outside

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  3. are they worth checking out?
  4. Depends what you want
  5. Worth a look, there's loads of interesting stuff there. It's hardly the case that the MoD only dispose of worn out equipment, we give away brand new Submarines at knock down prices FFS :roll:
  6. as he said its full of actual ex mil stuff, not just webtex 'it's the same spec... honest!' stuff.

    we bought land rover paint there and it was great. our 1988 Wolf now doesn't look like it's 21 years old, like it did before (looked like somebody had driven it through a wire bush). also got a pair of 12x12s for our portable garage, they were in better nick than a lot of the 12x12s my Sqn takes out in the field. I'd say if you want something that ACTUALLY came out of the army, they're a pretty good first stop. (if anybody wonders why we're buying wolfs and tents we're just off road enthusiasts and the Wolf, having been given a bit of a facelift, is a pretty good off roader).

    and not all of it is worn out crap, I bought an arctic tunnel tent thing from them for £80 and it was brand spanking... and awesome.
  7. Depends on what you want.... and most of what they do sell is NOT worn out rubbish.

    I bought some tools and a multimeter from them, not to mention a few Landy spares. no probs.
  8. I use the Anchor Supplies at Ripley a fair bit. They have a lot of genuine ex MOD stuff in, ranging from nearly new to total rubbish and everything in between. Their prices do tend to be on the high side for the better quality stuff but at least it is genuine.
    They also have tons on non-genuine gear in, some crap and some not so bad.

    All depends on what you want, how much your willing to pay and if they have it in stock at the time.
  9. I know the place in Nottingham. It's well worth a visit, particularly if you've got a few hours and want to see everything. Some of the kit's a bit duff, but the little "military museum" they have there is marvellous. It's in the building across from the kit section, where all the electronic stuff is. I highly recommend it.

  10. is their a link to them
  11. Yes there is.
  12. Its worth a visit, but check what you are buying.

    They do forces discount too
  13. This link works MUCH better.

    Anchor Supplies
  14. A 1988 Wolf ? I think you've been ripped off chap. The Wolf didn't come out until the mid 1990's.
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    If you are in the Portsmouth area and want to look at old military rubbish - with the odd gem - pay a visit to Sabre Sales The proprietor 'Capt Nick' is as mad as a fish and the people who work for him are all 'special'.