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Take advantage of the offer below whilst it is free. I did and late last night found details of a relative killed in action in WW1 and it is quite an experience. Text copied from the site below regarding the offer:

Search military records now for FREE!
Remembrance Day is the ideal time to remember the sacrifices of our relatives in the Armed Forces. From 7-14 November, we're giving you the chance to honour your family's heroes, without paying a penny.

We're making our most popular military collections absolutely free, so you can all search for your family members and read the unique records of their bravery. All you need to do is register for a free account

Free for one week only
We've made three crucial collections free for Remembrance Week...
Search nowBritish Army WWI Service Records, 1914–1920
Service records provide a complete picture of your relatives' military service. They reveal their ranks and regiments, where they served, what medals they received, and many more personal details.

This exclusive collection is the perfect place to begin your search for a war hero. It includes the records of many soldiers who either died during World War I, or remained in service until the end of the War. Find your relatives' Service Records

Search nowBritish Army WWI Pension Records, 1914-1920
This huge collection includes another 5 million service records. It covers soldiers who were discharged to pension during World War I – usually because they were injured.

Between them, our Pension Records and Service Records reveal the experiences of almost three-quarters of the entire British Army. If you can't find your courageous relatives in one collection, make sure you try the other one. Only online here

Search nowBritish Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920
Just about everybody who served in World War I was due a medal of some sort. As a result, this collection – put together to record what awards each soldier had earned – is the most complete list of Britain's heroes. If you can find a relative's service record and medal index card, you'll gain a remarkable insight into their time at war. It's usually easiest to find the service record first, then use the information from that to pinpoint your forebear's medal record.
Find your relatives' Medal Rolls Index Cards now

WWI Medal image courtesy of Medal Yearbook, Token Publishing

Navy image reproduced courtesy of The National Archives

Supporting the Poppy Appeal
Charity No. 219279Remembrance Week isn't just about commemorating the heroes in your past. It's also about supporting modern-day veterans who were injured serving their country, and the families of those killed. That's why we're proud to be contributing to the Poppy Appeal.

Run by The Royal British Legion, the Appeal has been raising money for serving and ex-Service men and women, and their families, since 1921. If you can, we urge you to also support this worthy cause.

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