Anbody Know This Guy? Ex PWRR apparently.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AlexRamsay, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. I smelt something fishy about this guy whilst i've been watching some of his youtube videos (he runs a Survival school)


    Basically, his name is Mike Dixon, apparently former Princess of Wales Royal Regiment. Served in the deepest of jungles, Canada, NI and the middle east. it get's better...

    I Decided to contact him Via Youtube, Asking about his regiment and his survival experiences, His reply goes as follows;

    I was with the infantry PWRR for 7 years. then with the RAF survival education team.
    thats about all i can tell you matey.
    hope this helps

    I asked him a little more and did some research. And noticed that the S.E.R.E contingent was actually not called the "RAF survival Education Team." When i confronted him, he replied with;


    i think you have got your wires crossed mate. i never stated that i took any courses in the military. these were civillian courses recognised by the military. if you knew anything about infantry regiments then you would know they are not taught survival."

    Compare this to an extract taken from his forum. Keeping in mind he has just stated he DID NOT do any such courses;

    "Combined Service Survival Course Dartmoor. We were divided up into mixed service groups and told to go about our individual survival tasks;
    Shelter, fire, water, food..."

    His website forum WAS full of him waffling about times he'd served with the British and American special forces. All of this has been taken off his website since I confronted him with it. He's also taken all of the youtube videos of him stating his "Military Jungle" training off. Not before i took screenshots, though:eye:

    I'm just wondering if there's anything that can be done? This guy may well be 100% Genuine. But to me something seems a little bit dodgey.

    Another chap already tried to ask him the questions I have. And when he asked for his service number he was told to back off otherwise he would get the "MOD involved"

    Hope this doesn't offend anyone and is in the right section.


  2. This should be funny. I might break out the microwave popcorn.
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  3. Only posted an hour ago so brown stuff hitting the fan delayed until after sparrow-fart.:excited:
  4. Not a bad find, mate, possibly some fresh meat for the Waltenkommando to get their teeth into. :)

    I think you can be pretty sure he's not Genuine after what he's done, removing the vids etc.

    Good effort :thumright:
  5. I think you might have just found one of these "Walts" i've read so much about. Nice one.
  6. Just found this from a simple google search.


    For some very strange reason his length of service is mysteriously two years short of his 7 year claims...:nod:
  7. His stone age stuff looks interesting, if a bit "Boy Scoutish".

    However, not sure if he is safe, as he talks about shelter being a higher priority in a survival situation than securing a water supply.


    Whilst this is probably a sound strategy in the Hertfordshire countryside it is bloody dangerous in a lot of environments.

    Be interesting to see if anybody knows him and how this pans out as he does not appear to list his actual qualifications.
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    fcuking bushcraft bollox - pretend survival training, I'm surprised he hasnt claimed to have spent 5 years with ray mears like most do.

    its worse than the 80's when everyone wanted a piece of loftys SAS survival action - at 14 I went to the ninpara school of survival nr whitby - great fun and the guy was at least an ex para.

    there are some serious survival walts out there - he'll keep popping up
  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    no requirement for any qualifications which is about right as a lot of the good ones dont have any, others just do everyone else's course then claim to have been trained by...

    mind you trueways at the moment seem to have emptied st mawgan of staff.
  10. I was trained in jungle survival in Belize by a QOH bloke by the name of "Shuggi". It's a miracle I survived since I needed an interpreter to cut through his impenetrable Glaswegian Jockingese. Hope this helps.
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  11. I don't know him, but his complexion demands bukkake; does that come under Food or Drink? It hardly constitutes Shelter or Fire, although you could call it a form of Signalling.
  12. Shame that there isn't some kind of professional/trade association for them to keep the dangerous ones out.

    I used to run induction courses and write policy for new staff for a civy organisation operating in a desert environment and covered what to do if vehicle breaks down in middle of nowhere etc.

    Some new staff members would always gob off about what their Scout Master/OTC instructor etc had taught them and common sense is a rare commidity.

    I am just imagining one of his graduates running round trying to construct a basher in the desert at noon and expiring with heat exhaustion.

    I do not know if this bloke is a gobshite or not and will watch this thread with interest.
  13. All of his deleted videos are on his hard drive.........he he he!
  14. Must be getting to sparrow fart time in blighty that the stirring of a Waltenkommando I hear?

    *Fills eskie with ice and Fat Yak ale and waits......*
  15. See what happens when you Google,"Young men,woodland experience,sweaty,athletic,muscular,adventure and rope"?
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