Anarchy Day

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tartan_Terrier, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. I've been hearing that there are far too few public holidays in the Uk in comparison to other EU countries, so I'd like to propose a new non-denominational public holiday which has a lot of potential - Anarchy Day!

    If all laws were suspended for one day each year there'd be no more problems with noisy neighbours, just wait till Anarchy Day and burn their house down, short of cash, rob the bank, need a bigger place to live, find a big house and behead the occupants, etc....

    Apart from the likely drop in crime rates for the remaining 364 days of the year, this could also provide a much needed boost for the arms, construction, and security industries.

    So what do my fellow ARRSErs think?
  2. Poisoned turkey through the letter box?

    My 3000th post too, what a waste :x
  3. Yup I'm all for it.
    Only question is can I trust Mrs Jagman to defend the house properly while I'm off emptying the local Barclays?
  4. sounds cool but I tried anarchy days in Basra, it kinda went a bit askew.
    but if your saying I could at last batter down the door of the poofs next door knock seven colours of shyte out of them because they are poofs, smash there horrible gay music collection, their freakishly loud karaoke machine, throw their collection of wanna be scissorsister party goers down the stairs and take great pleasure waiting for them all again at the bottom with my 12 gauge and every time the door opens shout nice and loud "pull "?
    then, I'm in where do I sign
  5. You're not going to get near to my back door, thank you very much 8O perv :D

    edited to add, yes, where do I sign up :twisted:
  6. No need for sledgehammer, simply insert inner cardboard tube from toilet roll per rectum and the beggar won't be able to get compression :D
  7. Oh dear, I sense another MDN/hamster/gerbil/guinea pig post in the offing...
  8. No, I'd rather it was at the start of December, that way I can do a bit of pre-Christmas ram-raiding at my local shopping centre. I'd save a fortune on pressies for the kids.
  9. Surely it would be ersatz anarchy if a day was chosen and adhered to... C'mon people, think outside the box! :twisted:
  10. Why not prod the dog with a stick and then throw said neighbours child in the kennel. Let 'the man' get rid of the annoying dog.

    Just a thought like
  11. Yup, not like real anarchists to get organised and everything. However, if it is ersatz, where is "annakey"?
  12. I'm here, old sport, but I'm no anarchist (unlike many people on this site). :wink: