anarchist cheerleaders get art council funding

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by knuckle_dragger, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. Huzzah!!

    Rather than winge you should organise returning veterans into 'returning veteran agit prop outreach street theatre groups' maybe selling matches and bootlaces for that authentic look, then you can access these grants as well!

    Can I get my MBE now?
  2. Because every time I go to Cambridge I think 'this town needs something, maybe a bit of pep, some performance art, but nothing too structured. I know, it needs an Anarchist Cheerleading Squad!'


    Having said that, if there are any hotties in the squad, some pictures wouldn't go amiss. As for those clown chimps, they're asking for a .762 solution to their problems.
  3. looks a deserving cause to me. The government has a duty to fund the development of Arts and Humanities as much as they have a duty to fund rehabilitation for wounded soldiers if not more so.
    innovative groups like the Cambridge Anarchist Cheerleaders stimulate young people into self development and freedom of thought.
  4. They may be dressed like clowns but they aint the ones getting shot and bombed in some god forsaken sandpit and getting paid some crappy wage for thier trouble!!
    mmmm who are the real clowns I wonder ?
  5. Why? Why does the government have to subsidise art?

    If the artists where actually any good then they wouldn't need taxpayers money and if they are so rubbish that no one wants to give them any money for their attempts then they shouldn't get any.

    Give me one good reason why MY money should be given to these so called artists?

    Especially as their objectives are :

    Using that criteria the gov should be funding Al'Q and the like as well..
  6. Steven,

    You must understand that evidence from his postings suggests log is undergoing rehabilitation himself, from a serious brain injury.

    Just a though, but wouldn't the aim of 'scaring people at public events' be covered by the Terrorism Act, thus meaning that taxpayers' money is being used to fund criminal activity?
  7. Lets play Loony Lefty Poker

    I will see your Anarchist Cheerleaders

    and I will raise you one naked pig dancer LINK

    as well as an empty but reassuringly expensive room LINK

    I've just applied for funding for a fascinating arts installation of my own. It consists of a wounded soldier trying but failing to climb into the top deck of his hospital bunk bed while a moslem visitor shouts abuse at him.

    Do you think I'll get the 100 grand I've asked for?
  8. They're very well organised for a group of anarchists...!
  9. [​IMG]

    I think shes very artistic................
  10. According to the criteria for receiving a grant (Art Council site), if you can demonstrate:
    the significance and importance of the project, and of the contribution it will make, if successful, to enhancing or developing creativity, insights, knowledge or understanding of the area to be studied in a national or international context'
    You're up for some cash!
    Surely a bit of extra funding for TELIC and HERIC? Sounds good to me...
  11. You should be shot in the face, you fucking throbber.

    It's people like you that make me want to walk down the high street with a bag of automatic weapons dropping targets every 20 yards.

  12. Was he not taking the piss Flash?
  13. No. Read the morons other posts. He has done nothing but post bone comments all over the place. He deserves to have his head turned inside out. Cunt.