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Gents, I am 19. Reservist CMT, trying to find answers on a medical issue.

I am a reserve combat medic, waiting for my training and battling with army and civvie doctors for almost a year!

7 years ago I had a completely out of the blue anaphylactic shock to a combination of things, to what the doctors put it to ibuprofen and chilli sauce as the combo. I have had no recent episodes and if I say so myself fit as a fiddle. Due to ibuprofen being in the equation and the fact that the anaphylaxis undoubtedly contained wheezing the gave me inhalers and said here you're asthmatic.

I saw my doctor after taking it upon myself to apply (oct 15) and find out that they had labelled it as asthma, this has been struck off my record as being false and I never had asthma, for those medically minded you will understand few asthmatics cannot take ibuprofen. I however am fine doing so and cleared of anything asthma related.

I passed the medical at lichfield with a referral to see a recognised consultant. It had to be this chap as the army wouldn't accept it from anyone else. It took months for this meeting with the consultant who clearly saw I wouldn't take no for an answer and ran some tests, these of which came back negative and he had no other conclusion than an isolated idiopathic incident. He then stated at the bottom of his letter, addressed to the CMO at lichfield "that from his results he sees no reason why this young man cant serve".

The army then sent me a letter of rejection and stated that the letter only backed up what they said. I tried phoning everyone and no one seems to know who to deal with or chin me off to.. no one has a clue! So I phoned Lichfield direct, straight through to the medical admin team, but to then when I stated I was a reservist needing answers they told me to take it up with me CSM.

I was then told that the army have rejected the letter the specifically asked for from none other than that consultant himself which I paid and waiting ages for. The top bollox in what he does, that a medical officer at lichfield who is no where near as qualified as this consultant has looked at this letter and said no. To what this doctor said I don't want this letter from your consultant I want a letter from your GP. (back to sq1, I saw my GP first who said I was clear to start with, GP pro forma).

Anyone got a ******* idea as to what I do next? no one has a clue and doctors are telling me consultants haven't got a clue and I need to see a GP instead who can only look at this letter and say that guy knows more than me I can't say anything. (this is happening!)

Anyone got a clue?
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