Anaphylactic shock

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by NAP6W, Dec 23, 2005.

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  1. I wonder if anyone can help. My nephew applied for the Royal Marines and just before his PRMC he had an anaphylactic reaction. He was in hospital for a couple of days and informed the CIO of this. He was ruled unfit to join for 4 years. He has not had another reaction since then (5 years ago) would he be eligible to apply to join the Army?
  2. What caused this anaphylactic shock in the first place?
  3. Got this sorted in Health and Fitness thread. If you look in there and tell me wether you agree or disagree that would be great.
  4. Link would have been helpful
  5. No worries found it easily enough- and having read the advice given it seem's pretty sound to me! Tell your Brother to go for it!
  6. Thanks - he is my nephew, I only have a sister. And before you ask no you can't.
  7. Sorry I din't read the initial post properly I do apologise. Think your nephew might be a bit young for me anyway, but thanks for the thought.
  8. NAP6W - Correct me if I am wrong but did you not say that you were part of a Medical Regiment and that the Medics need to sort out their "soldier skills"........................Pot, Kettle matey, seems to me that you need to sort out your Medic skills, by the way, would that be a TA Regiment you are part of???? Not that it matters but it would explain that "my CO is an ex Infanteer rubbish"???? You are boring and need to move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Temple - As they are Medics they have all fu*ked off at lunchtime yesterday. Plus I am not and never will be a Medic. However if you fancy some - come and have a go.......if you think you are hard enough.
  10. And also - don't join on the same day and make your post aggressive - just either use your normal user name and be a big boy or shut up and p*ss off.
  11. Raw nerve eh, maybe you need to go back to the LSR arena??
  12. Maybe you need to grow up and post in your real user name.........or go back to kindergarten.
  13. Tempting - but not really very practical, you should expect that whilst the RAMC may not be all you want it to be there is also a huge gap in RLC capability, but I will leave it to the small minded to slag them off. As previously stated, if you do not like what the Medical Corps does.............speak to MCM and move???????????????
  14. Again - I am taken out of context. I am not having a go - I genuinely wish to make a difference. I fully intend to give this job 100% and if and when I feel I cannot do anymore or my efforts are no longer appreciated, I will move on. I don't wish to start a war of words with you or anyone.