Analyst-type Roles

My New Year's resolutions included drinking less, pulling more and taking up TA. The first two went pear shaped early as I found myself on New Year's morning off my face and persuading a girl not to get into my bed. I'm so ashamed.

But the big one was to find a job that suits my skills and background more.

I've now spent my first year in a job outside the wire as an Events Manager. Its been a fun transition year (would certainly reccomend it to another young subbie leaving) but the role is not challenging enough and has limited chances for promotion. Most importantly, at heart, it doesn't suit me.

Taking stock of my skills I'd like to pursue my initial thoughts on leaving which were to head for an Analyst-type role. One of the jobs I enjoyed most while in was acting IO on TELIC, and in my currentjob I really got my teeth into the opportunity to write a strategy plan and a proposed business case.

What organisations / roles would you reccomend that would recognise my Army background and interest? With no ties and the crude sense of adventure that made me join up in the first place I'm quite keen not to be entirely desk-bound.

The DIS / MoD look relevant, but seem to require a big drop to new graduate-type pay and status. Are there commercial organisations which have similar roles with greater reward, or should I take it on the chin and fight hard / use my experience for relatively fast promotion?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Try Customs and Excise investigation branch (the knock off tv)
Security Services
Several Govt depts incl Security Service & SIS but the pay is absolute rubbish at least for first few years.

Other options are Private Military Companies (such as Control Risks & Armorgoup). Armorgroup run by a very nice ex-Guards bloke with shed loads of ex-military. I have several mates there who are doing well.

Yet more options are organisations such as Insurance Companies who specialise in things such as kidnap insurance.

Alternatively, go towards the more financial side of things and look at areas like the Economist Intelligence Unit. Or look at working for Jane's Defence Weekly and allied publications. Or go to any merchant bank, which have analyst posts to guide their staff as to what to invest in - obviously almost entirely analysis of companies' finances, but lots to get your teeth into anyway.

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