Analysis of Afghanistan by Rory Stewart

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by udipur, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

  2. He's banging a familiar drum, but to his credit he has been doing it articulately since at least 2007 so far as I remember.

    I think that actually he's preaching to the converted, that Cameron & Obama knew this before they were elected. Sadly, since they cannot risk the accusation of not "supporting our Boys", they felt they had no choice but to squander more lives and money in pursuit of a lost cause - so that they could at least say that the last failed effort was on their watch.

    Leadership means making the right calls, even when they are the most difficult to make and implement. Even when billions of dollars and too many lives have been ruined, with more of both yet to come even after the shooting stops. You could say "especially when" - but to be honest we have ourselves to blame for making that decision so difficult for our governments. Most of us who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan believed the "decisive year" cliche at some point. To those who repeatedly returned for front line tours even after that - you're braver men than me.

    We make a great play about the necessity of taking responsibility and claim it as a great military virtue. But despite the HCDC report on the 16 Bde first Helmand Tour, I've yet to see any of the top third thrusters who led the deployment admit their errors in seeking a campaign for which they had no manning or resources, or at least regret its consequences.
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  3. Take it from an Afghan...your wasting your time....bombing moutains...the insurgents will run off to Pakistan, and their protected, regroup, have rest and rearm. Pakistan should be invaded and from there you can fight the lion at its den.
  4. Another scumbag's photo!
  5. Viva Kadyrov! please stick to topic.
  6. Apart from being unbearably bumptious, I have found Stewart to have been sound in both his writings and judgement; but more importantly having guts to state what has been obvious to many, whilst the herd listened to window-lickers like Steyn and his neo-con brethren.
    If the 4th estate, both sides of the pond, had his cojones, they would have similarly spoken truth to power and we might not have been in this quagmire whilst Karzai and his kleptocracy benefited at our expense.
    Interesting that US officials believe the AQ are on the brink of collapse.
    Al-Qaeda could collapse, U.S. officials say - The Washington Post
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  7. If AQ do collapse it will make no difference to Islamic terrorism,in much the same way that the collapse of NOTW makes no difference to the rest of the 4th estate.......
  8. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Having seen the guy in action, heard incredible tales of this young Lawrence tearing up southern Iraq when I was there and agreeing with you wholeheartedly, it was tricky to lend oxygen to the wee scrote.

    However, on balance, as you say he does come out with some sound analysis.

    He's the type of guy who would be awarded a medal for his humility and go up and get it.
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  9. I like his speech, most of the TED speeches are rather good. Don't forget that the forum is to share ideas, this isn't so much about solutions, its about awareness. Apart from calling the Lynx mounted heavy machine gun a "sub machine gun" that is ;-)
  10. I am currently reading "Afgantsy - The Russians in Afghanistan 1979 - 89" by Sir Rodric Braithwaite. What a pity this had not been published prior to the NATO invasion. The book should be required reading for any politician foolish enough to consider intervention in Afghanistan.
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  11. So on the principle of "I'm going to have my own war also" we are bombing the daylights out of Libya, despite overwhelming evidence that never in the 100 years of air-power has a campaign been won by bombing alone.
  12. True, I think I heard some of the same stories about "Lawrence of Mayfair". Despite that the resulting book was quite good and displayed a degree of humility which pretty remarkable at the time, given that all and sundry were saying how ace we were.

    I do strongly feel the urge to dislike him, given his youth, intelligence and stellar career, and harboured the hope ( no, not in that way ;-) ) that his campness meant he was gay. Sadly, the exhausted smiles of the DFID girls in the Embassy testified that he had been cutting a swathe through Central Asia's foxy NGO chicks.

    In the light of that malicious envy, I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that his thoughts chime *very* closely with Serrard Cowper-Cowles who is the man Rory Stewart should aim to become, assuming he ditches that alarmingly tight and shiny suit along the way. Although it looks very much like the suits knocked out by the dodgy local tailors who visit ISAF HQ bazaar, I'm sure that the dit will be that a rheumy eyed ex-warlord in Samarkand stitched it from his daughters hair to celebrate Rory's arrival at his shack...
  13. well now that they call it the WOAQ and have slain OBL this would give the west the opportunity to declare victory and bugger off for tea and medals sharpish (which seems to be what we're doing).

    once upon a time i made the naive mistake of thinking this was about something other than killing 1 bearded giant but since he got shot in the face the cynic in me has been laughing his head off.
  14. I have a vague recollection of similar being said about the Viet Cong.....
  15. Perhaps he is on his way to becoming our own Charlie Wilson. Speaks well and is certainly more amusing than the run of his contemporaries.