Analysis by a captain in the IDF reserves, on latest war.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trip_Wire, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. hmmmm displays an expected bias but is very informative, the rolling news culture has really changed how Armies must deal with the media.
  3. Hmm... 'Methinks he doth protest too much...' That's not the view of the conflict that a significant number of his own fellow soldiers appear to be taking...
  4. Seems about right.

    The Israelis thought they were fighting the last war/GW1&2. No surprise seeing as though their CDS is a crab. They got a bloody nose but I wouldn't be surprised if they gave Hisballah one in return. I suspect the lessons learn't cell is working overtime.

    Next time, and there will be a next time because Iran and its clients are determined to destroy Israel, the Israelis will play another game. Unlike us in our comfortable little country, the Israelis know that they are fighting for their survival.

    Meanwhile the poor Palestinians continue to get stuffed every which way, by everyone with some sort of axe to grind.

    So when will the IAF EOD teams be arriving then?
  6. Unfortunately, there will always be a next time.

    They have been the biggest losers due to hostilities in Lebanon. I cant see anymore Israeli withdrawals in the near future. The govt (Kadima specifically) have lost ground and many previous supporters of further withdrawals are now realising that withdrawal does not equal security.
  7. Indeed unilateral withdrawals don't work. while agreed withdrawal from Sinai worked and is working nicely. There are no other variants but a agreed return to 1967-borders. Israel could lend some lands for a long enough period but any other solution woulds not be recognised by other countries (including USA).

    Edited to add: the article that cause this thread is primitive.
  8. The fact that it was a bi-lateral agreement, not withstanding, the terms of the agreement led to the issues with Gaza to the current day. The Egyptians shrewdly did not wish for it's return to their control in order to wash their hands effectively of the Pals and all the 'issues' they brought with them.
  9. So Israel could make an excellent move: propose to return Gaza and WB to Egypt and Jordan and let these countries to decide Palestinian problem as they wish.
  10. The Mag in the Times had a good account too.

    I was in the company of a Lebanese woman last week whilst in Budapest and talk came round to the Hezbollah. I was interested in their communications means but of course the woman concerned new nothing. However what she did know about their funding and organisation was very interesting indeed. I reckon Israel will be hard pushed to flatten Hezbollah to be honest if all this lady says is even half true.
  11. Also a very theoretical move. I could not see the Jordanians or the Egyptians wanting to take ownership of the Pals issue. Especially in the case of the former, where 50 or so % of their population is Pals. You are probably well aware of the history of bad blood between the Jordanians and the Pals with Black September, etc. (Hence, the PLO's move to Lebanon in the early '70's, the ongoing consequences of which were borne out last month). Aiding, supporting and assisting the Pals cause is one thing for Jordan and Egypt but taking ownership of the volatile Pals population is completely another.
  12. i've been in around the north of israel for a while now. passing a car park recently, the driver of the car said a katusha fell there (i am not a katusha tourist here), i could not tell, it was just another road repair.

    what i do notice of many things. of which i may write more of latter, is the casualty lists, of the armed services, killed in action.

    the conurbation of tel-aviv had two, repeat two, killed in action. there are little (comparatively) villages which have two or more kia's. (the bauhaus of old tel aviv now replaced by shopping malls).

    there's more to it than that. and israeli social infrastructure seems to be more apparent, exposed than it was. i have not formulated my conclusion, but i have learnt a new word in hebrew, or rather understood it's meaning. the (slang) word is Freyer.

    so many people here are either freyers, or what is worse to me, want to make freyers of others. arik may be able to translate, but it has to be heard in context. but the freyer culture might in part explain why a city of a million has two kia's and several villages of c. 5000 have two kia's.

    making freyers (meaning sucker? or one who we manipulate?) of people, being so much a cultural thing, a cultural amusement betimes, has, i feel it apparent now, resulted in both the treatment of, or attitude to, to a degree, the foreign press, (the foreign press here is fed by an eager-to-serve them israeli press with the same if not worse agendas).

    significantly, diaspora jewry and or supporters of israel either through the medias of their host countries (fed by israeli medias) or directly, are made freyers, somehow. very short sighted and smugly disrespectful by the israelis, (but hey folks a freyer is a freyer). and in that, israel has lost, whatever the body count on the battlefield.
  13. Arik!

    I would like to make a pre-note: few years ago pres.Putin directly asked for membership in NATO. Had he really wanted to join? I'm not sure. NATO (though politely) declined the proposition.

    This imaginary statement could help Israel in PR war (thgat still continues).

    1. If Egypt and Jordan would not accept the proposition then the situation would remain unchanged with obvious PR bonuses for Israel.

    2. If they would say YES then Israel could demand first Egyptian and Joradinian troops in Palestinian areas.
  14. Isn't Ariks post accurate then????

    Didn't the Israelis try to give the Gaza back to the Egyptians??? And didn't the Egyptians refuse to accept them back into the fold????