Analogue TV Aerial in BFG?

My MQ in BFG doesn't have one - and I want to watch BFBS! No, honestly, I do - mainly for BFBS reports and the weather...

Predictably, the housing people are sloping soldiers and saying 'nothing to do with us, gov...' which I find a bit odd. Now I know the Adjt is a bit old fashioned but I thought BFBS was an entitlement when serving overseas and the CoC had some form of responsibility for helping us to receive it? Could be a bit naïve, I know.

Anyone got any advice? Don't say 'you're going to get a nice new BFBS Sat system' cos we're not, apparently (JHQ) - I had one of them and it was ace! - I just want to be able to receive 'The Channel' in the old stylee...

Bfbs is available at JHQ cos I can receive it in the block by normal Analog Aerial, how far it your Quarter from the nearest camp, maybe best by popping next door and asking them :)

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