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Posted in a different forum but thought I would try here as well.

I work for a company that provides role play for forces exercises, civpop, ANA, AUP etc

We are supporting an upcoming ex and have been asked if we can provide a 'pink and yellow digital paterned uniform', by an officer who says the local Afghan forces where wearing it during his tour. Might mean salmon and sand not sure!

Can't find a pic of it anywhere and he can't help or be more specific.

Does anyone know of this uniform, have pics of it or know if it is another countries uniform that they are wearing. It is not Omani, and the only other army that has pink in it I can think of is the Aussies.

Any help appreciated.
Is the officer a colour blind shirt lifter by any chance?

I have had a look through all the photos I have of the ANA, most of which have been taken in the last 12 months, and the only digital uniform I can find is the standard US Woodland Digital in greens and browns or a slightly washed out version that looks a little more "sandy", more like MTP, but certainly not Pink/Yellow. There is a lot of normal US Woodland as well.

Sorry I cannot help, but I do think the officer is mistaken???

He is certain of it, we thought he was joking but nope.

We supply our bods with a digital various shades of green uniform as per what alot of ANA wear, but I can't find this anywhere. He did say it was local forces/defence companies, not ANA specifically.
If you google a picture of the USMC winter uniform, or even Bosnia Herzegovina uniform, you'll get very close to ANA.
Looks like the Old GW1 US Choc chips with the brown replaced by grey
Thanks all for the replies, we have sacked the idea as we can't get a definitive answer.

We provide green digital ANA, greyish AUP and an sand ALP uniform, UK DPM and desert, and German Flektarn gortex (it is close to our ANA kit, which is similar to Canadian stuff) but they have specifically requested 'pink and yellow' digital, of which we can't find any pictures.

He was with the Wr Coy, so may be specific to where they operated.

Cheers anyway, and anyone looking for some part time work, role playing (anywhere from 2 - 10 weeks work at a time, especially for the non Afghan specific exercises we run)or as demo troops, drop me a line, I will put you in touch with our recruitment team, especially for younger (under 45) and more current bods, as our Gurkha variants are getting a bit long in the tooth. Primarily as freindly or hostile armies or insurgents due to the fact you are allowed to carry weapons on the exercise due to military experience. Rates of pay about £75 per day for a 10 hr shift, not great but not a particularily difficult job.

We could also use people with CQ/SQ and MT experience as events support teams on the exercises. Rate of pay about £90 per day, for a '10 hr shift', basic ex CQ role.

Free food and accom at lovely locations like Thetford and WDC :)

I'm doing that at the moment and It's easy enough work and can be very enjoyable, especially when your playing enemy.
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