ANA Officer Academy?

Well it's not properly up and running yet - the build is delayed (obviously) although it training has started in a small way, the accommodation for students being a tented camp. It is a huge build, and as you'll know will be staffed in a similar way to Sandhurst with hundreds of British personnel working there.

You'll be accommodated at Qargha which is a tiny British camp (currently a FOB) within an ANA camp. To the east is an ANA Kandak camp and on all other sides is the ANAOA build. There are a number of TAG's located at Qargha and personnel from just about every other NATO country. Food is now shit, the US DFAC (goodbye unlimited free canned drinks, steak and lobster nights, baskin robbins ice cream etc) has been replaced by KBR (hello blackcurrant squash).

It is quite a vulnerable site, surrounded by mountains to the north and a refugee camp to the south. Its also the most western NATO camp in Kabul along a route known to be transited by insurgents. The insider threat is real. FP is now done by the Scots DG and an Australian contingent (Foxhounds and Bushmasters).

Kabul is still very hostile. Attacks get less coverage in the UK because there are currently only a couple of hundred British troops based there. There are of course thousands of US troops, who are the preferred target when GIROA, ANA or ANP cant be hit.
I hope I haven't put you off xeno! Its an experience you'll unlikely get elsewhere, and you cant beat an E2 post!


Scavenger, I'm heading to E2 next and probably an OCE. Just looking at the options and this is one on this list. Not sure if a poison chalice or not?
Brits are running the academy, and there's a 1* at the helm. Kabul is under the command of Turkey but the US is the predominant force.

I'd go for it. There's people there on OCE posts doing all sorts of crazy things.


Surely if any British soldier is involved in the FP of this place, then his regiment must be disbanded immediately.
So, that means Mr Dave and our Foreign Secretary will be planning a UK "Rear Party" to continue to mentor, train ANA, and be targets for the Talibs. If the Septics are keeping a "Rear Party", then Imperiastic Guilt for Blightys past must play mightily on government foreign policy post Afghanistan pull out, plus more tax payers cash bribes, bhaksheesh etc to try and keep whoever takes over from Mr Kharzi when he and pals have departed for places new with their looted aid billions in the comforts that they will be expecting from the West!

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