An upgraded HMS Illustrious begins sea trials

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Jun 21, 2011.

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  2. For sale, another aircraft carrier, one careful owner, new lick of paint…
  3. what was the point of keeping the ski ramp? no use to a helicopter ship and would have released valuable landing area for choppers.

    I remember Lusty being commissioned, my old fella was CPMEO on her from sea trials to 1986 when he moved to Roebuck.

    Fabulous ship.
  4. that's for the Harriers that we sold to the Americans for feck all that we will have to buy back for billions of course.
  5. See as the ramp is still there, could she be used for stol aircraft again if we had any or, if someone else lent us some?
  6. I believe so, yes.
  7. It is retained for more Top Gear larks with Stig.
  8. Thanks for that. We retain some ability to project a small amount of airpower then even if we don't possess any fixed wing aircraft that can fly off it.

    Planning eh! Still at least we do have the helicopters and the Royal Marines which of course is it's designated job now.
  9. So the Spanish AV8B and the yanks can come onboard with their Harriers and rub our noses in it!!
  10. Excellent next weeks news, newly revamped HMS Illustrious goes on sale. MOD say it is the bargain of the century and we will even throw in a couple of harriers to get you started.
  11. I read somewhere that the only reason the ramp is still there I'd because it would cost mire to takeoff than keep on.
  12. i remain astonished that there is, in the 130,000-odd people in the Armed Forces, not one cnut with a GCSE in Metalwork.

    it is a metal structure welded onto another metal structure. it contains nothing complicated or fragile, its just steel.

    is it really something that twenty REME/RE blokes with oxy-acetaline torches and a fcuk off big crane couldn't remove in a few days?
  13. And the Thais and the Indians and the Russians and every other 3rd rate naval power that can somehow still send fixed wing to sea while the most senior navy in the world can't. FFS, even the Argentinians have a Fleet Air Arm that still practices deck landings on passing American carriers.
  14. The contract with BAE Systems to wreck...sorry, overhaul, the ship was change to retain the ramp and recoat the high friction deck with a view to slipping the Harrier back in.

    Then the MoD found out that the Harrier PDS staff had all been made redundant and been hired by Lockheed Martin to sort out the F35 debacle.

    Usual MoD/Government assuming that industry will keep on staff on the off chance.
  15. Brother where have you been hiding?