An Update on Mr Pun VC on Rememberance Sunday!

I thought that this is a great time to give you all an update on Mr PUN Victoria Cross. Remember him ? the Ghurka you all fought for to bring him back to the UK for medical treatment. When he arrived in July he was a wheelchair bound old man, and i was very concerned for his health. I have been around to see him a few times and he has been around to my place a few times. I can tell you now he eats like a horse, and can down as much meat and veg as any 20 year old soldier 8)

I have been around to see the old hero again. He is in excellent health, particularly as he has just had the last operation on his eyes for cataracts yesterday. He was able to see his wife of over 60 yrs through both eyes this morning (sorry sat 10) for the first time in 15 years. He spent 20 mins telling her how beautiful she was and then embarked on loads of banter with everyone. I got a wonderful photo of him holding my three month old daughter, gazing in to her eyes, saying he never thought he would be able to do that in his life again. It brought a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye i tell you.

His morale is through the roof, as you can imagine.
He asked me to post on ARRSE to tell you (his words). "Without the support of the people on ARRSE, PPRuNe, E-Goat and Ration, he firmly believes he would now be dead and buried in Nepal. He wishes to send his heartfelt thanks at this very important time for all of the British Military, of which he considers himself, as all Ghurkas, a fully fledged member. What you did for him and his wife will never be forgotten by his or his extended family" - translated by his lawer and close friend, Gopal!
Here is a photo of him on Friday night after his final operation, and then two of him at a rememberence service on Saturday morning (hence the sunglasses 8) )
As you can see, he is looking strong and proud, and all you ARRSEr's who took an interest, helped him from the brink of a dire situation.
Looking at him, having just had the Op and then being at a formal engagement the following morning, we are not worthy (well i am not anyway). I guess thats why he got the VC......the right stuff...even when approaching his 90's
Thank you :D :D :D (from Mr Pun VC)

I will be posting some info shortly for a special meeting involving Mr Pun VC and a thousand Ghurkas in London, should you wish to attend for a beer. I will also post the latest on the fight for the return of his VC.


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Excellent news about his health. I'm pleased that he was well enough to attend the ceremony. He is a fine, stout, honourable gentleman who deserves the very best the British people can give him - it is long, long overdue.
remember though, he puts his health and well being 100% down to the campaigne (sp its to late and have had to many beer's :lol: ) and what everyone here did for him. It was funny, I was sat in the garden with him at his home in West Hounslow (2 miles from Heathrow) thinking not another fcuking aircraft (ex pilot) coming over (every 1 minute), dreaming of the peace of the hills of Nepal, and he says, 'it is so exciting having all these aeroplanes coming near my house, this never happened in Nepal!!! :lol: :lol: '. I guess it is all about what you are used to and what you want. He wanted UK medical care, he deserves it, and it has added some time to his life. He said to be able to see how beautiful his wive was before he died was the greatest gift he could be given. Well done ARRSEr's

Bye the way we will have the second Ghurka VC...Mr Lapsung Garung back with us soon also.


i've a job or two lined up for him when he's got his wind back
He would be glad to do it for you if it is for service reasons!! He is currently attending 2-3 official engagements/meetings every week, and loves it! PM me
Haha, what I had in mind for him Tigs would involve carving some right muppets a new arrsehole ;)

Tell you what we need though is for someone to pull their finger out and get the old boy round the messes. I'm double chuffed to hear that we've got another old boy inbound.

Update my end, I received some Scottish parliament headed paper from Nicol Stephen MSP on Nov 2 (good man for sticking to the task) regards CPL Rai; who's case is apparently "different", and can not be commented on further as it's being considered by an Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

The cold face of immigrations shoulder can be found here:

Fcuked if I know what's different about it!! He's a battle brother non-the less, and this should be taken fully into account. So what if he's a CPL and ergo may have shagged a penguin or two in his time, they'd have to have a pretty damn cast iron reason to say "No" to a Falklands vet, while putting the welcome mat down for any and all sundry who'd never, ever, swear fealty to this nation, let alone act on it.

It included a two page letter from the Home Office (dated 29 Oct) with the squiggle of Liam Byrne MP, which basically outlines the unsatisfactory half measured stance on the whole she-bang. Nothing new, just re-iterating current party lines.

When you next pop in and see the old boy, give him my personal regards and my apologies for not being in attendance at the time (I was in far eastern Russia as I explained and apologised to Martin at the time). It warms the cockles to see him up and about, it really does, and if I get down some time soon I'll pop in :D

Cheers for the update Tigs, you're a gem!

Can I just check????????

Is that the current MP Liam Byran who now as a minister has a criminal record?? Just wondering!
He's looking pretty good is the bloke. :D
Great pictures, he's an absolute inspiration. Today's whinging yoof could learn a thing or two from the old boy.
Thanks for the info Tigs and the good work.

Hope this man has many more happy "twilight" years.
Excellent, excellent news.
Thank you Tigs for a most moving update on Mr Pun VC, a hero by any measure.
Cheers Tigs. I was thinking about Pun today during the Silence. Great to know he's rocking!
Hello Tigs2,

What a sentimental chap you are becoming... And there was me thinking you were only visiting the great man hoping to accidentally-on-purpose bump into Joanna Luvverly. :)

Many, many thanks for taking the time to update us and show us some truely inspirational pictures. Especially fitting given the date today.


PS. Next time you catch up with him, please mention that he no longer has to "consider" himself a "full-fledged member of the British Military" - he is ACCEPTED and ACKNOWLEDGED as a one of our own by those of us who have served, or are serving.
Good luck to the old boy.

He is one well deserving case, who is of more value to this country than those freeloading to#sers one usually reads about!

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