an unusual thread.

i know this is never asked often, because well its probably going to get slated.

i need to know, is the army the best carreer choice i will ever make. iv passed everything, and have my start date, but now im stuck in a situation of do i leave the girl, the friends, my home behind and start it fresh in the army....

i guess what im asking is it a satisfying job, so that at the end of the day you dont look back and wonder what would have happend if you had stayed with your girlfriend?

iv left my self open to many a wah! but im beyond the point of caring about what people say to me, im joining the army im going to get people giving me grief, i have to deal with it so

wah away guy's and anyother helpful comments will be read
I hope it will be the best thing you ever do. But it will be what ever you make of it.

If it doesn't work out, life back in civie street will be what ever you make of it.

We don't choose all the cards we get dealt, but we do choose how we play them - hope this helps, good luck!
Do you expect the following.:

Be amongst people that speak the same language? = Join a scottisch regiment.

want to learn a trade that mat be usefull after you leave the military? = Reme or RAF or Navy.

want to earn good money but be safe = Navy and make a point of signing for one of the new Aircraft Carriers. Loads of money and safer as houses.
#6 in the process of joining waiting on selection now...i am 19 y/o, have a 6 month old daughter and have been with my girlfriend for 3 gut wrenching, depressing suicidal years....

you can stay with her you know!
You clearly aren't very happy where you are. Provided you can handle living with the salt of the earth and you have an endless sense of humour then go for it. When I trained recruits etc we had young men from the "hard" areas of Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, London you name it. You're all the same underneath believe me. When you join the Army you start your life again so go into it with the added bonus that you know you can change things for yourself provided you are prepared to put in the effort.
If its the girl playing on your mind, just don't break up with her before you join- easy, really! As for your friends, if they really are friends you won't lose touch with them and you can add them to the list of friends you will make in the forces, friends that can't be found anywhere else.
It would be much worse for you if later in life, you looked back and wondered,
"what would it have been like if I did join up?"
The Army is a brilliant job that brings with it an amazing lifestyle.
Grab it with both hands and go for it- No ex- soldier regrets joining regardless of the amount of time served.
If you do not dip your toe in the water, then you will never know. If you join and your girlfriend dumps you then perhaps it was never meant to be.
Ask yourself this question. Where do you want to be in 5 years time? Where you are now? I think not.
Why would you go through the whole Selection process just to say, Well....Actually... Like the people above said Keep in touch with the bird, and your mates but , Remember your going to be meeting new friends who you are going to be able to trust with your life, not just hold your bottle of bucky on a friday night while your having a p!sh.
Agree with private pile why do you think you have to cut off all cintact with girlfriend, friends and family? i have had a weekend relationship with my fiance since we met and we have had no problems you just both need to make the effort!
Ive got my selection next week and have a gf that i've been with for 2 years and am still going strong, im 18, she's off to uni and im off to the army. We aren't even remotely worried of breaking up, as it ain't going to happen. For you friends, most of mine are joining Navy and RAF, they think im a muppet for joining the "cannon fodder" but that dosent mean ill NEVER see them again.

I'm sure everyone at one point has had doubts about joining the forces, I did at one stage, but get stuck in and if it ain't for you then just leave, simple. Good luck with your decision anyway.
infnewbie said:
Agree with private pile why do you think you have to cut off all cintact with girlfriend, friends and family? i have had a weekend relationship with my fiance since we met and we have had no problems you just both need to make the effort!
thing is i have a kid i will probably be put into married quarters so ill see them daily, but like you i have been seeing them weekends for the past 3 years

to be honest thats all i could probably handle! last thing you need is a woman on your back 24/7 !!
infnewbie said:
private pile you will only be put in married quarters if you are married!
thank god for that!!
thanks guys, alot of what has been said has been taken on board.
Keeping people in contactand stuff. I guess its one of life's little mysterys to find out how it goes.
HI fella I'm 20 and have been with my fiance for 6 years. I hope to join soon, If love is there nothing can take it away :)

Good luck with you career


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