An unknown warrior of war

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by xris, Mar 28, 2011.

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  1. A few years ago visting Pegasus Bridge, Normandy, with my local PRA I happened upon an old empty two story house, not that far from the bridge. I enquired as a matter of interest, to a veteran of Normandy, who was an airborne soldier who had fought at the bridge, what significance this building had , if any. He informed me that all he knew was that a naval gun spotter had been killed in the house.

    Being naturally inquisitive, I later, without others knowledge, gained entrance to this deserted house by pulling away boarding from the back door. Entering this house it immediately made an impact on my senses. Even though its assets had been stripped the house maintained that 1940s deco and appeared exactly as it would have been in 1944. The stairs had been damaged by some explosive device and I had to climb over rubble to enter the ground floor. Nothing of interest apart from the obvious archaic electrical fittings and those colours that reminded me of my grandmothers pantry. I had entered a house trapped in the 1940s of occupied France. It was like looking into the past, a past that was stragely allowed to exist.

    After a short period I made my way up the damaged stairway. A narrow stairway that led me to the bedrooms. Bedrooms in an empty house always evoke images of love life and death but this had that extra image of a past, long forgotten . A time that appeared to have stopped abruptely and had been left to brew.

    I had to climb the last set of stairs. The stairs that led to the attic rooms so reminisent of the Normandy houses of the period. As I climbed, I had this strange feeling I was not alone. If I had not been of a military background or training the scene that became apparent to me would not have been significant. The gun spotter , whose image was so real to me, had knocked out the tiles from the roof to gain observation of his suroundings. Looking around the attic it was obvious he had obtained an advantageuos position with a 360 degree view of the area. I could see the approach to the important cross roads, the Panzas would later attempt to hold and the bridge would have ben visible if it was not for a tree that had grown unkept in the garden. He had died in this house performing his duty. I spoke to him and thanked him for his sacrifice. You may think me foolish but his scrifice pervaded that sad forgotten deserted house. I have tried numerous times to find his name but alas I have failed . He to me is that lone warrior fighting for freedom and dying alone, forgotten by us but remembered by his loving family.
  2. Should have asked his name whilst speaking to him. Incidentally, how did you speak to him if he'd been dead for around 60 years?
  3. Mr Soft writes better stories :) with less inconsistencies and better grammar :)
  4. Whoooooo :)
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    you're.... a bit, well, odd ...
  6. It'll be time for his meds soon Mukker, don't worry about him :)
  7. You're lucky you weren't done for house breaking. ;-)
  8. He is even luckier he has'nt been sectioned. What a load of cobblers.
  9. Went to Pegasus Bridge a couple of years ago with a couple of muckers. Don't recall much in the way of derelict buildings in the area, seemed to be quite pleasant and well maintained IMHO

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  10. Not even worthy of readers digest.

    Do you like scooby doo?
  11. I was there less than a year ago & there aren't any derelicts near the bridge. Besides if it had a hole in the roof for 60yrs the roof would have gone awol & the internal timber work would be fooked especially the staircase.
    Load of arse i'm afraid.
  12. I concur Ches :) Plus even with a hole in the roof, would you get a 360 degree view? I doubt it unless it was a flat roof! In which case it wouldn't be tiled!!!
    D minus Xris must try harder :roll:
  13. Yep! I was there (Pegasus Bridge, not the haunted house! :) ) a couple of weeks ago and don't recall any such buildings....and my pics I've just looked through don't show any! :p
  14. Load of bollox, and to be honest in bloody poor taste.
  15. I always thought that warriors were of war.