an unknown soldier

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by two_of_seven, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone help identify this fellow?

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  2. billy conolly?
  3. he did have a similar outfit in that samurai movie with Tom Cruise, tho I suspect he is slightly taller than this chap
  4. looks early American Civil War, lots of men had there photographs taken in uniform for the first time
  5. That was my guess too, however as he seemed a fairly plump individual with shoulder tassels? I presumed he might be a colonel or similar. Also the headress seemed quite unusual
  6. I believe it is Colonel James Shortt, The Baron Castleshort , Commander of the Royal Galloglas Guard, Chevalier of The Royal Yugoslavian Order of St John, Knight Commander of Polonia Restituta (2nd division), Knight Commander of St Gregory, Knight of the Belgian Crown and Knight of Honour of the Imperial Teutonic Order of St. Marys Hospital in Jerusalem, SAS (Rtd)
  7. Billy the not so kid at Blackpool, visiting the oldie worldy photographic studio...Honestly he's a rum cove!
  8. James Robertson his slimmer years.
  9. Well done that man!
  10. Found by accident? Yeah, right! So what do you demand, Mr *cough* Norton?

  11. Think it might be my RSM, although not too sure!
  12. It,s the Col. who invented K.F.C