An Ungentlemanly act - On now, Sky channel 133

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by foggy_balla, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. On the off chance any of you have just staggered in from the pub, or been kicked out of bed by the missus. Quality show to put in a bit of time with a beer til the wee small hours.
  2. Yup-been watching for the last 30 mins.

    Boring at first but warming up a bit: just had the bit where the Argie Buzo Tactico officer spends 5 minutes requesting the Royals to surrender.

    Sar Major replies, 'Fck of, you spick bstards!!' and emphasises this statement with a few 7.62 exclamation marks.

    Just the thing when 3-parts bladdered!
  3. I have this on DVD.

    Two things - Pre-Ryan realistic tracer.
    Old bloke in the middle of a firefight saying something to the Booties like, "Its alright for you lot but some of us have work to go to".
  4. Feck me!! he's just said, the 'orrible wee shoite!!
  5. an absolute classic, SLR,GPMG,9MMS,STERLING mmmh on that one, charlie g , blimey showing me age here,an navel party 8901 (the royals) doing us proud.