An Unfortunate Situation

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Eurofighter022, Aug 14, 2010.

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  1. Only a couple of months ago I was put under section 2 of the mental health act by some rubbish crackpot of a psyc because my mum pretty much lied to him. She had been talking to the social services ever since I rang them up years ago because of her violent partner and needed to back her BS up.

    When I was in there to be fair I was arrogant as hell and really pedantic with the psyc (cus I din't want to be there) and he said I have aspergers (which I don't). I mentioned I had ADD (not ADHD) as a kid and ever since then he was determined to diagnose me, whether I showed symptoms or not.
    I'm going to see another psyc soon to have this shit sorted out but his opinion is only going to be worth as much as the idiot who diagnosed me with the disorder.

    Just incase your not sold on me not having aspergers, I hate routine, rather than love it, talk like a perfectly normal person, have tons of friends and no problem understanding emotions.

    Now after that long winded mess is a question; how likely is it that the army will sympathise, once I have the second opinion of a psyc?

    (this isn't in the medical sticky cus it isn't really a medical problem, just a shit situation)
  2. Probably unlikely to definitely unlikely.
  3. So this will be on my medical records in big writing.

    That sucks... will the psyc giving me the all clear and the fact that the social services don't like my mum help?
  4. One thing that's screaming out at me is that you don't handle authority or stressful situations at all well, regardless of what your second psychiatrist says or not. I don't hold out too much hope that you'll be accepted but who knows unless they've actally met with you and properly evaluated you.
  5. You sound like a right mentalist and a future admin case

    Give it a punt, If you got in you'd fit right in
  6. Your not that nut from the Army Jobs facebook page are you?
  7. Cheers for the replys.

    The sad part is it looks like I'll fit right in. I'm a lout if anything, not a bloody asperger obsessive. Never had any strange interests or anything.

  8. You clearly don't understand what being in the army is like do you?
  9. I do have social anxiety but that's mostly caused by bad experiences at school. Until low self esteem is a disorder I'm optimistic :)

    Also I have phobic anxiety disorder, but it was previously diagnosed as OCD so I guess I'm gonna need a long chat with the Medical guys.
  10. What I mean is people with aspergers apparently make up their own rigid routines and its so bad they can't function with things like going to the shop.

    Thats' what I mean, I'm not like that.
  11. When the psyc came to see me he forced the lock on my room, burst in and was threatening me with a section straight away. I kinda panicked and vaulted out of a window...
  12. sniggers :)
  13. What you going to say at the recruiting office, "It's OK mate I've spoke with the blokes on ARRSE an' they say I'm good to go"?

    With recruiting in the healthy state it's in, why do you think the recruiters will accept someone on a psychiatric split-decision?

    Good luck big fella, but keep a plan B on the backburner.
  14. I've gotta have grounds for discrimination if I have a phobic disorder that i've gotten over. It says in Leaflet 14 it's OK for people who haven't suffered with it in 2 years to join up.

    I'm 17 btw so I won't be planning on joining for some time, maybe 3 years
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