An Oustanding Out Walting over at PPRUNE!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PanfOOkMayday, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. Nice to have a documentary record

    a quick selection -

    He has experienced almost everything on the 'adventurer's to-do list': from climbing China's Great Wall to walking the plains of Russia to hiking Mount Kilimanjaro before the age of 20.

    Sergeant in the Royal Highland Regimental The Black Watch Pipe Band for 12 years and trained as a medic. …
    List of Credits Winner of 2 gold and 4 silver piping awards M.B.E.

    I was wearing medels of my father and grandfather, which Im legally entitled to wear and which I never said were mine, and I was in the ROTC of the Black Watch.
  2. Quite fascinating - I read the whole thread. I have over the years noticed that many walts claim a)military service and b)medical qualification simultaneously - a bit like yon Mcmitty.
  3. The Med Qualification is to impress the Women, the Gongs etc the blokes

    Thats why I'm a Combat Qualified Vet - both WAR!!! and small fluffy kittens who have hurt their paws.....until brave me fixed them, and the nasty baddies who hurt them.

    Works every time :wink:
  4. Reminds me of one who rocked up at a salvation army do in my home town one armistice day; blazer, regimental tie, chestful of gongs. Began regailing us all with his falklands service.

    Unfortunately for him, the SA trombonist(sp) was ex-para and sussed him in about three secs, then told him to shove off in his best SNCO voice!
  5. It seems an inability to tell the truth isn't his only handicap.

    But he'd probably lie about that that as well.
  6. God bless 'em I say

    if it wasn't for walts, we'd be extracting the mick from one another as opposed to firing abuse at them!

    walt hunting should be an olympic sport
  7. Why do they always go over the top? For once I'd like us to out a walt pretending to have been a RAF MT driver at RAF St. Mawgan for 2 years and who PVR'd because 'the careers office lied to me'. Rather than claiming to have been first through the embassy window, slotted 80 'gooks' behind enemy lines in GW1 and worked for MI6 bringing down the KGB single-handedly.

    When will they learn?
  8. Good to see another bite the dust, aided by his lack of attention to detail.

    BUT, a recurring statement was that the Infantry don't have Staff Sgts, only Colour Sgts. I recall from my youth that the Infantry can indeed have SSgts. Our MorPln 2i/c, on promotion from Sgt, tore into anybody who referred to him as "Colour", explaining that the title belonged to the blanket stacker. Someone who gains his promotion via his trade (or as he described it, "by working for a living") would be correctly referred to as "Staff Sergeant."

    I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of "Colour Sergeants" don't know that they're actually Staff Sergeants.
  9. Ah but how many books are there on driver training and MT section life, compared to warry commando and SAS bios? Until we address this deficit we should prepare ourselves for more standard issue SF walts. I personally would like to out a VM who admits he is unable to replace the bulb on my car or possibly a slop-jocky who proves unable to produce kevlar scrambled eggs one morning despite being given as much cooking time as he needs...
  10. Isn't this positive proof that he is actually a VM?
  11. I've written three myself, one for each of my Victoria Crosses.
  12. A classic example why prospective bullshitters should read:

    Walting with Confidence

    Fuck me, even the wearing of two GSMs is covered!