An other Muslim council?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Cheat, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. They are certainly making the right noises at this time.

    I detect a certain level of hostility from the MCB, I suspect this may be down to them (MCB) losing their perch as numero unero in the consultation stakes.

    Interesting how the MCB rates itself by the number of groups that "recognise the MCB" rather than the number of people that recognise the same.
  2. This may be down to that a lot of the Muslim population feel that the MCB actually do not have there interests at heart and actually make them feel more disconnected with the general population. However I am hoping that this is not going to be a group of disaffected people who will use the situation to inflame the current problems we have amongst the population.

    Time will tell I suppose.
  3. this seems to be a good thing, they are trying to say "look were not all nutters or apologists for terrorism"

    the MCB isnt trying to tackle terrorism or even discuss it, they just critisise anyone who does
  4. I have met some of the MCB crowd and they seem very integrationist. This bunch, the Sufi Muslim Council (SMC) lookjms like a political strategy to have a second "less political" group to talk to. I am suspicious about a claim to represent "up to 80%" of a population. The MCB was set up because there were far too many groups claiming to represent muslims. My guess is that this gives credence to an alternative "Tamer" view. I listned to an interview with one of their leaders. They were areguing that they should be focusing on local issues such as housing, education and emp[loyment. These don;t exactly seem to be the province of a religious group, why do you need a body to represent the muslim tenants opf a council estate? Isn't that what councillers are supposed to do?
  5. Perhaps when Maggie Thatcher said "There is no such thing as society" her meaning was that there are in fact only separate incompatible 'communities' and 'groups'- diverse cultural and religious groupings that are increasingly incompatible with each other- a state of play which she of course knew was coming (as did Enoch Powell) but something we as a nation hadn't then realised.
    Thirty years ago the very idea that certain immigrant sections of our society would have 'councils' and 'leaders' other than those elected to represent us in Government or in Church would have been thought outrageous. That this nation would one day cease to be a Christian Country, that we could ever be in a position where we were on track to becoming a Moslem nation wouldn't have been taken seriously let alone tolerated.
    Those who do not want this country to be anything other than the Christian Country it has long been
    seem to have no voice. Why should Englishmen pay for our Christian country to be dismantled? Why should our taxes be spent on facilitating immigrants and their religions?
    Our money is being spent on such nonsenses as Muslim prayer rooms in police stations rather than on things it really should be getting spent on- paying to have enough coppers on the beat.
    When is enough enough?
    We need Muslim councils? No we don't. We need all these recent frankly unwanted immigrants to either fit in to our country or sling their fukcing hooks- preferably the latter.
  6. Redundant churches are being turned into homes or offices after about 100 years of use.

    What will happen to redundant mosques?

    [Edited to remove trademark of MECCA bingo, which may or may not be registered]

    I thank you.
  7. I doubt that very much. Not in todays PC UK it won't
  8. the Sufi Muslim Council (SMC) is an excellent inititive as it will actually represent a large proportion of UK Muslims of a very moderate bent (aspects of sufism bears a strong resemblance to Goa trance), its also a self started organisation.

    The MCB was started by a gang of rather nasty chancers, with our money, after Our Dear Leader realised he need somebody to represent the UK Muslim community, and he funded it accordingly - membership drawn from a very narrow band that New Libour could access - ie pressure group personel or the blokes who for 'community considerations' can deliver 5000 votes in key inner city areas

    Pteranadon your comment of the MCB's you have met being 'very integrationist', of course they are in public its the New liebour line - check out some of the exposés done on them by the Guardian of all people.
  9. Careful using a registered & copyright logo, especially using it in the context of this particular thread!.
  10. Thanks, I've taken your advice. However I'm not absolutely sure it's registered as there's no circle-R registered trademark symbol on its website.
  11. It's part of the Rank Group. They will hold copyright for it. Rank hold the right to bring legal proceedings in any jurisdiction where it believes that infringement of its intellectual property rights has taken place or originated. Hence the advice to remove the logo.
  12. "Judean Peoples' Front? Splitters!"
    "Yeah, and the Judean Popular Front - splitters!"
    "Whatever happened to the Popular Front?"
    "He's over there.....SPLITTER!!!"

    Ah, life imitating comedy classics... it's enough to make a cat laugh.
  13. I saw the C4 programme mentioned in The Grauniad article. Very interesting, and rather disturbing.

    Too early to judge this new body, but I'm hopeful they'll be a good thing.

  14. Because that is what Blair wanted all along, an end to traditional society and the beginnings of a new Blairite society,
    only he f*cked up by invading Iraq thus ending popular support even with the immigrants.