An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!

We should re-instate the wanking competitions of the 1950s. I think that I was once considered the top tosser in the British Army. No mean feat. :wink:
No! Never! This is just wrong!

Kids should be taught that sex is a dirty, sordid act and something of which they should feel justly ashamed on the occasions they furtively partake of it.

How else are we to raise the next generation of prostitute-murderers?
jarrod248 said:
A lot of problems with health promotion advice is that the people who write the leaflets don't remember being young. The advice tends to be very black and white and tells people the best thing to do but doesn't advise what is next to the best thing to do.
A lot more work needs doing about contraception and more implants.
Trust me, theres plenty of implants, and variations upon what they contain - theres several different chemical makeups of the Pill for example.

And why the hell does it have to be in Sheffield of all places that it starts? Good god.... :roll:

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