Anyone read An Ordinary Soldier yet by Captain Doug Beattie 1 R Irish? I was filming with him in London last week and he was talking about the book and how he had written it as a way of telling his family about the extreme stuff he got up to in Afghanistan - says he found it easier to write it all down than talk about it. I think he also got some mentions in the press for his comments in the book about Tim Collins and his eve of battle speech. From what he said, part of his time was filmed for a C4 documentary. Don't know which one though.
I think Doug Beattie was filmed for BBC2 in Herrick along with a mixed bag of RRS,RAMC,RA and a blues and royals officer working with the ANA could be very wrong tho.....
That sounds about right - he said he was down south with a bunch of strays... Got an MC for his part in this battle of Garmsir. Supposed to be there advising for a couple of days but ended up there for a couple of weeks leading from the front. Not sure if anyone else out there knows about it. As for the Blues and Royals bloke, not sure - guess I will have to go and buy the book to check... unless anyone else knows and can save me the money!
This is the one, I think.
You're quite right. The documentary was one of 2 made by Sean Langan for C4 called "Meeting the Taleban" and "Fighting the Taleban". The Garmsir operation that Doug describes in his book was partially captured in "Fighting the Taleban. Incidently Langan just missed out on a BAFTA for his work on this film but sadly couldn't make the award ceremony as he had been kidnapped having returned to Afghanistan to amke another film. I understand he aims to spend more time at home after his latest ordeal! Doug Beattie's book is excellent and well worth the read not just for his tales from Afghanistan but it covers the rest of his extraordinary military career.
He was released after Channel 4 coughed up £150,000 , hopefully they deducted this from the production fee they were paying him for the documentary.
The lad shot in the fore-arm was never identified in the docu.

He still carries the slug in a see through film canister. Helluva mushed up slug, it had gone through the engine block and dashboard before hitting him and he almost lost his lower arm.

We took the p*sh out of him for ages and ages about it but he's doing ok these days.

We heard he had been hit and heard the warry stories first hand from him and ripped the utter p*sh at every opportunity.

At no point did he mention it was filmed. When most of us had watched it we were gobsmacked but - out of sheer and utter respect you understand - ripped the pish even more.

Sympathy = suicide :D

Good lad too.
The guy who was shot in the arm (JC) gets a good mention in the book. As I said it is well worth reading, if only to give you more ammo to throw at JC when you next see him!
Just finished reading 'An Ordinary Soldier' enjoyed it from start to finish couldnt put it down, this book has been written very well it literally sucks you in and you can really imagine being there, scary stuff! well recommended.
He was attached to us for the OP only, he wasn't OMLT (an LO from KAF/Kabul I believe)
Between 12 OMLT, 4 awards were given: 1x CGC, 2xMC & 1 MID
I had the pleasure to serve with Doug, Top bloke not an Ordinary Soldier by a long chalk. It’s a pity you have to leave to document your life now and let the public have a insight on what’s going on in another of the Labour governments Dirty Little Wars.
I know this post is pretty old now but i was looking for info on Doug on the net and came across here. My partner bought the book in June, i just decided to give it a read the cover looked interesting. You can believe his words are not an exaggeration for purpose of an entertaining read. I was really impressed and also quite shocked at this book. I would be interested to see the documentry about this too.
It is quite an eye opener and i wish more people would read it.

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