An Ordinary Soldier by Doug Beattie MC

Having just read this thrilling book about exhilirating 13 days in Garmsir, I was wondering whether anyone had read this book and what their views of it are?

It gave me a new perspective on just how flawed the original plan was... the taking of new areas just to retreat back to the DC surely was pointless unless the areas newly cleared of the taliban are held?

Anyway just wondered what anyone else thought of it?

I didn't pick on that, the truth couldn't be stretched any further.

I have to admit that if Shahrukh was as courageous as the book describes him to be he surely is a very enspiring Afgahni. Or could be completly off his rocker. Feel quite sorry for the JTAC as well easily the person who has to control his fear the most throughout the battles.

There doesn't seem to have been a plan. Trouble is these things are done not for military reasons, but political reasons. If the governor of Helmand wants a town taken back from the Taliban with Brit help then that's what gets done... Keep the locals happy.
Good read though.
If you add up the medals, there were more earned there than Bravo Two Zero got in Iraq.
JTAC was about the only bloke who didn't get the gong he deserved. Beattie says as much.
bigeye said:
JTAC was about the only bloke who didn't get the gong he deserved. Beattie says as much.
Medals are only motivational tools. One year out people will remember why it was awarded, five years and they will, maybe, pay a bit of respect, after that no-one gives a damn.
Doug Beattie is obviously a very committed soldier. I thought it was a good read, quite interesting to see how the Afghans and the OMLT worked together. Also interesting to see how under-resourced the whole operation was. I'd recommend it.
And after twenty years they have to be sold to pay for a pension. Cheaper for Brown and his boys to give out the awards than provide enough cash for a decent retirement.

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