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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Proximo, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. May I suggest that we retain the moral high ground and do not seek to flame?

    Merely a different spin on world events...
  2. In other words, "It's not us who are inciting racial/religious hatred. Honest, Guv."
  3. can we report this b@stard? have u actually looked at this website. nice pictures of dead kids too :x

    What an arrsehole.
  4. What an interesting take on events..

    Home-grown Terrorists: Should I condemn them?

  5. Errm, I thought the Western press were supposed to be traitorous Liberals who love nothing better than aiding and abbetting Al Qa’idah? But not one single story of gang raping a child. I'm cornfused.

    there ya go, i've already reported it for 'inciting racial hatred'.
  7. These Home-grown Terrorists are far worse than the taliban or Pakistani terrorists because they really do know better.

    It's fcuking shocking how many of the worlds jihadists are completely ignorant of what is actually written in the koran.

    I have read an article written by Prince William's/Harry's former tutor who had (Pre 9/11)walked across Afghanistan.

    Most of the villages have dogs to protect the animals from predators.

    The kids would constantly beat them.He even witnessed two young boys smash the teeth out of a dog with a rock because it had bitten them.

    He befriended the dog to the dismay of the villagers."you cant touch a dog "He was told.

    Obviously he said "Why not?"Because its against god it says so in the koran ".Where in the koran does it say that then"

    They answered "I do not know I do not speak(read) Arabic."But I have seen all of you read the koran from cover to cover "

    "Yes we do. We have all memorized the koran and we can read it out loud.The holy men translate the bits we need to know.

    Apparently this is almost always the case with Muslims who do not have Arabic as their first language.
  8. That's what makes western born muslims so impressionable to radicals
  9. When it comes to organised religion it seems most people are not prepared to plough through the often difficult texts (even when they can read & a translation is available), they'd rather get it "ready made" & unfortunately those who do it for them bend the texts to suit their own often twisted agenda...
    I know fervent catholics who've never read the bible & spout the most utter cr*p, convinced that "it's in there somewhere 'cos Father X said it was true so it must be in the bible" (& these are pretty well-educated people, too!) so why not muslims? Examples? - "Jesus was killed by the Jews"... "Jesus was the first Christian" to name the top 2.
    I've read the Koran & I can't see anything to spark off fanaticism (but then I couldn't in the bible either ,so maybe I'm just too dim).
  10. Also done.
  11. Serious question, what happens to a reported website?