an open letter to Gordon Brown


Dear Gordon

In a few short days you will be entering the front door of 10 Downing street, and as you open that black shiny door you will no doubt be hit by many feelings, but you will never be hit by the feelings that along with mine, and so many other families have been hit with and are feeling today. The shock and horror of being told that you have lost a beloved son or daughter killed in action or been terribly injured, in this most unholiest of wars.

Nothing can prepare you for this, nothing can begin to alleviate the pain and heartache that you feel. So Gordon, when you enter that door of British Democracy, please stop for a moment to reflect and remember, those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives for that democracy, think of the families left behind, and will you, one day come out from behind that door and speak to us? your predecessor failed to do so.Will you come out and speak to these families who cannot grieve properly because they have not been given a proper answer, or been told the truth over Iraq, and why their sons and daughters should have died so needlessly in a hot, arid desert country. Will you have the courage of your convictions, to make changes in current Government policy? Will you support our brave hearts who have been so badly injured by giving them due compensation? Sir, you have the power to do these things and you CAN, if you want to, make these things happen.

You cannot bring back to life those who have died, as much as we as families would love that to happen, but you can do things to reduce the loss of life of those currently out there in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Sir you have been left a legacy, a terrible legacy, made up of mistakes and ill thought out actions left by your predecessor, Tony Blair, now you have been given an opportunity, an opportunity to make changes, to make positive steps forward, and to lead this country as she cries out to be lead, not by a puppet pulled by the strings of a puppet master, who followed blindly at the sound of a two fingered whistle from the leader of a supposedly world superpower.

This country cries out to be lead, lead by a leader of integrity, who will speak for the people of this country, who will not be afraid to make a stand for truth and for justice, for these have been sadly lacking so far in this last term of office of this labour Government.

In your new brand of leadership you have the chance to shine, to light the fire in every British heart, as a beacon in the night, to which the people of this nation can come to, but I need to tell you, that if you follow the path that has been trodden very deeply in this ground of the United Kingdom by your predecessor, then that would be a grave error, both of your judgement, and your thinking. The people of this nation will not be led like sheep, by a shepherd who has gone off the proven path of truth and honesty, for we can respect our political leaders if they indeed have that respect and honesty, but never, never expect the British people to just lie over and cover their eyes, or bury their heads in the sand if any political leader should be less than honest ever again.

This is your one and only chance to say it as it truly is, to calm the fears in the hearts of the people of this nation, who are sick and tired of being led astray and up the garden path in so many areas left by your predecessor.

Any Government, be it Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat, are put in power by the will of the people, for this is democracy in its truest form, and you have been put in that place of office for a reason, to GOVERN, not by sleaze or monumentous spin, nor for personal gain, be it for either monetary or social standing gain. You have been put there by the people, for the people, and the people will be heard, they expect the right decisions to be made, for our care and protection, and to prosper and benefit the country as a whole, for the good of all”.

Gordon, I recently wrote to your predecessor Tony Blair, but he failed to answer my questions, my letter was re-directed to the MOD, who have recently replied, and in due course I will myself reply to that letter. In my letter to Mr Blair I wrote the following paragraphs to him, and I too also write this to you.

“In this my closing passage to you Tony I would say this “ Remember” remember, not only the fallen hero’s but also remember those who are left behind, and those who have been injured and live to tell the tale to their future generations, and remember too, that this is the twenty first century when all men are supposedly equal for we should all march as ONE, WITH ONE VOICE for this nation, before we lose everything dear to us as Europe heads ever forward to a one nation state.

No longer are the people of this nation clothed in sackcloth, no longer do they wave pitchforks and scythes to home oppressors, as our forefathers did in ages past, today we have moved on, today we have the technology, and the new fresh minds of modern day mankind, who will shout out loud and clear for truth and for justice, for as yet we have seen neither of these things, in these last four years.

Remember too those who support both you, and this labour Government, for they too will be heard, not only at the ballot box, but from the fund providers, which are every single trade unionist who call themselves labour supporters for they too need to be heard for they too like all of us, depend on our servicemen and women to protect us in this countries time of need, and mark this well, they do not have deep pockets for ever.

So let me see for myself that Union Jack flag flying high over a military hospital in the United Kingdom, let me see our men and women being fully equipped and prepared, as they go to either fight in war, or protect the peace, then truly I will see our Daniel has not died in vain but God forbid that this country should ever be classed as second rate, for great, Britain was, and Great she can be again, BUT! Who so ever chooses to follow in your footsteps be it either a Labour, Conservative or Liberal Government in the future then they too will really need to learn a very hard lesson from this recent history of events, and dare they tread the line that has been trod today, without the full support and backing of the people of Great Britain.”

Do you remember Sir, the immortal words of Admiral Lord Nelson, in which he said “ENGLAND EXPECTS, every man to do his duty” Gordon our servicemen and women does what “England expects” of them and much more have they already done.

England also “expects” and by this I mean the electorate of this country. They expect our Government to also do its duty, to its people, the same people who, by their democratic vote put those whom they trust into positions of power, we “expect” to be governed properly, with honour and integrity and we “expect” to always be told the truth as it is, not with spin by Government spin doctors, who spin so hard they disappear in a hole in the ground. That is no way to gain the trust and respect of the British electorate. This country expects plain speaking and honesty, follow that path well Gordon, follow it and you will find your place in history as a great Prime Minister.

So Gordon, “ENGLAND EXPECTS” Can you deliver our expectations? Somehow, I think you can, if you listen carefully, weigh up the pro’s and con’s of each situation, and certainly don’t ever be conned into doing something you know in your heart is not right, by either government figures, or European Leaders, who are hell bent on creating a European Superstate come what may, who wish to ride rough shod over British Sovereignty and bury us in the past.

Kindest regards always

David Godfrey

Grandfather of Daniel Lee Coffey age 21

Died in Basra Iraq on 27th February 2007
Well said, hope that you get the reply you just deserve, certainly a nice tester to see if GB has a spine, I would be interested to see the reply. I fear you will get a similar response though given by some civil servant who couldnt give a toss. Best regards B&T.
I commend you on your letter, and agree with your, and bitterandtwisteds' sentiments.

methinks 'faithfully', though being more formal, would have been more succinct ... ( the words politicians and sincerity mentioned in the same sentence seems to me to be an oxymoron).
Best of luck with that letter David. Lets hope it gets to its man.

And RIP Daniel Lee Coffey. I'm unlucky to say I never knew the lad. However please find comfort in the knowledge its a name we wont forget.
Well put K-R. Lets hope it hits the mark with Gordon. However I remain to be convinced.

All the very best for the future.
An excellent letter. I look forward, with some cynicism, to GB's answer. I suspect as do other posters it'll be non committal and say much without substance.

Would a series if such letters, from as many arrsers and others perhaps bring the subject to a somewhat higher place in the In tray, and thereby priority??? Maybe now is the time to find out. Possibly we may see the 'New Broom' sweeping away the dross and sleaze of the past few years away. Unfortunately I have to think that not a lot will change.

RIP Daniel Coffey, RIP those that preceded you ..... and God help us, RIP those that will follow you!!!

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